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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

September 3, 2013


Tasting Cameron Brig and Bridge

Just the once won't hurt, we'll have two grains today, both from Cameronbridge Distillery. And the first is one of the very few official grain whiskies that can be found these days, isn't it as if the distillers in general are considering grain isn't worth bottling as single... Remember Black Barrel?

Cameron Brig (40%, OB, +/-2013)

Cameron Brig (40%, OB, +/-2013) Two stars It's a pretty famous bottling, with a very unassuming livery by today's standards. Excuse me? No, nothing to do with our very good friend the British Prime Minister. Colour: gold. Nose: not much happening, but it's decent whisky, with a good dose of sawdust, vanilla and coconut, all from the oak. I had thought I'd find more bubblegum and varnish but there isn't much of that. Globally, I think it's rather a kind of drier bourbon, if you allow me ... Also a little coffee. Mouth: light, very easy, fruitier this time. Pineapple drops, pears, strawberry sweets (Haribo's finest, erm...) and a little liquorice from the wood. Some body despite the low strength. Finish: not that short! But it's becoming very simple, tutti-frutti-ish. I know what I'm trying to say. A little sour stuff in the aftertaste. Comments: nothing wrong here! There's quite some oak, a part being most probably virgin - as they say these days. Right, new. SGP:430 - 72 points.

Cameronbridge 23 yo 1990/2013 (59.2%, Hunter Laing, The Sovereign)

Cameronbridge 23 yo 1990/2013 (59.2%, Hunter Laing, The Sovereign) Three stars and a half I think this is the first bottling by Hunter Laing (it's Stewart Laing's branch, he's now working with his sons Andrew and Scott) that I'm trying. Let's see... Colour: straw. Nose: high oak impact! Sawdust, new planks and other bits of oak all over the place. Add pencil shavings and a fair dose of varnish. I think the high level of alcohol makes it rough and difficult to nose. With water: more of all that and it's quite a mono-dimensional spirit, but I enjoy the fact that it's no vanilla bomb at all. Wee touches of fresh butter, coconut and banana give it a slightly Irish feeling. Mouth (neat): hyper estery. Lemon drops, tinned pineapples, white cherries and jelly babies. Strong stuff. Also wood. With water: that worked. Fruit salad, melon, peaches, plums... All that with some cinnamon from the oak. Nice lemony touches too. Finish: medium, clean, lemony, zesty. Comments: this one is a clean, zesty grain with a no less clean layer of fresh oak. And it loves water. A very good grain for people who aren't much into grain - like yours truly. SGP:550 - 84 points.

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