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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

March 31, 2013


Tasting more rum so that he sun starts to shine. Hope that will work.

A mixed bag for Easter...

Der Gute Pott ‘40’ (40%, OB, Germany, +/-2013)

Der Gute Pott ‘40’ (40%, OB, Germany, +/-2013) one star and a half This is a popular rum in Germany and it seems that it’s actually bottled there. It’s quite cheap, around 10 to 11 Euros a full bottle. Colour: deep gold. Nose: hey hey, this isn’t completely unpleasant. I had ‘hoped’ this el-cheapo would be much lower in quality. Sure it’s both too molassy and cardboardy but the general feeling is pleasant. Touches of sweet fruit liqueurs (strawberries, bananas). Having said that, it’s all light and even a tad watery. Mouth: well, no… I mean, again it’s not unpleasant but it feels ‘arranged’, there’s a weird sugariness and the alcohol is a bit raw. Now, I’m sure this would make for some excellent cocktails. Finish: shortish and a little bitter. Sucrose in the aftertaste. Comments: maybe this baby’s never been intended for ‘neat’ drinkers? But yeah, I’m afraid we’ve tasted many worse rums. SGP:740 - around 68 points.

Caribbean Rum 16 yo 1996/2013 (46%, Duncan Taylor, blended rum)

Caribbean Rum 16 yo 1996/2013 (46%, Duncan Taylor, blended rum) Four stars The 11 yo from last year has been much to my liking (WF 83). Colour: amber. Nose: something else, as expected. What’s especially striking is the balance, it’s no strong or overly aromatic rum. The sugar cane is clear and distinct and there are also other grassy and herbal touches that will please whisky lovers (it’s not quite molassy and liqueurish, if you see what I mean). More and more liquorice and light tar after a few minutes, as well as some warm maple syrup and honey. Light vanilla, then even a little brine. After fifteen minutes: overripe pears all over the place! Mouth: what’s striking is the fact that’s it’s not very sweet, it’s actually extremely liquoricy and even a little tarry and develops on salty olives, a feeling that I already had with the 11yo. Finish: quite long, salty and liquorice, a little bittersweet like some good Chinese sauce. I’ll have to try this baby as a condiment with dim sums ;-). Comments: some character! SGP:541 - around 85 points.

Bellevue 14 yo 1998/2013 (52.3%, Duncan Taylor, Guadeloupe, 263 bottles)

Bellevue 14 yo 1998/2013 (52.3%, Duncan Taylor, Guadeloupe, 263 bottles) Four stars Bellevue, which I didn’t know of before some whisky bottlers started to issue some casks (tell me about a French spirit lover! Now, I knew their brand, Damoiseau) is located on Marie-Galante a sister island of Guadeloupe. Colour: full gold. Nose: rather less agricole than I had thought, and pretty lighter than the Caribbean. It’s actually very fruity, with plums and bananas, then raisins and tinned pears. All that is coated with some honeydew and light Indian spice mix (a bit korma-ish). Roasted cashews? After fifteen minutes: there, it gets a little more French in style but never quite biggish. Mouth: definitely French. Heavy, concentrated, liquoricy and tarry, with quite some cough syrup and heavy corn syrup. Some camphor, definitely, and then more and more sugar cane. It’s sweeter than expected but never, ever sugary. Finish: long, back on black olives and liquorice. Slightly burnt and even saltier in the aftertaste. Comments: it’s absolutely impossible for me to decide between the Caribbean and this Bellevue. I like both just the same. Having said that, the Bellevue is much less ‘agricole’ than I had thought. SGP:651 - around 85 points.

Don José 17 yo 1995/2012 (54.4%, Duncan Taylor, Panama, 272 bottles)

Don José 17 yo 1995/2012 (54.4%, Duncan Taylor, Panama, 272 bottles) Two stars I’ve tried some Don José one or two times, they were to my liking. Colour: full gold. Nose: it’s not a heavy rum – I had thought this would be ridden with molasses – and it’s rather fruity and floral at first nosing. I get honeysuckle and ripe peaches, then quite a lot of vanilla and oranges with just touches of curry. So, a rather subtle nose, no wham-bamness (???). After fifteen minutes: some raisins and some maple syrup. And a little honey. Mouth: not quite my style this time, I find it a little cloying and weirdly sour and bittersweet, then too sugary. Pass. Finish: difficult. Some burnt sugar and a feeling of plain sugar syrup, plus a sour spiciness. Comments: I really enjoyed the nose but had a lot of trouble with the palate. Simply not my cup of sugarcane… SGP:740 - around 70 points.

Uitvlugt 23 yo 1989/2012 (54.9%, Duncan Taylor, Guyana, 305 bottles)

Uitvlugt 23 yo 1989/2012 (54.9%, Duncan Taylor, Guyana, 305 bottles) Four stars As you may know, I’m a sucker for all these old Demeraras from Guyana!... Remember, Uitvlugt means copper pot stills if I’m not mistaken. Colour: red amber - but of course not as red as the picture. Nose: yeah, excuse me but that’s the shtuff. Heavy herbal, tarry and liquoricy notes, somewhat in the style of Caroni, but then we have more clean fruits, melons, peaches, even raspberries… No need to tell you more, this is quite great. Yet, after fifteen minutes: more candied things, nuts, sweet spicy sauce… Mouth: big, massive, salty, very spicy and very oaky, in a good way. Bags of liquorice, green and black olives, tar liqueur, then pepper and sweetish chilli sauce as well as something earthy. Very high concentration, it’s almost syrup. Finish: very long, still heavy, slightly sour (capers?) A very bitter aftertaste but I enjoy bitterness when it’s not drying. Comments: a rather extreme Demerara, especially on the palate – and water wouldn’t make it any lighter. Maybe for aficionados only? SGP:571 - around 87 points.

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