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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

May 31, 2013


Tasting three 1991 Bunnahabhain, or when purity wins

Still plenty of new Bunnahabhains around, this time we’ll have three 1991s, all German bottlings. According to the colours and the pedigrees, two are sherried and one’s not. We’ll start with the latter if you don’t mind…

Bunnahabhain 21 yo 1991/2013 (48.6%, The Whisky Cask, bourbon cask)

Bunnahabhain 21 yo 1991/2013 (48.6%, The Whisky Cask, bourbon cask) Four stars and a half Colour: white wine. Nose: a wee feeling of peat at first nosing, but there shouldn’t be any. This one’s unusually grassy, without much honey and with rather more medicinal notes as well, such as tincture of iodine and eucalyptus. It’s certainly coastal as well, with some oysters and seaweed. A fresh, very pleasant – albeit a little disconcerting – nose. Hard to pin down when nosed blind, it’s actually not totally different from Ardbeg’s lightly peated ‘Kildalton’ expressions. Mouth: very excellent arrival, there’s a feeling of peat again, a little salt, some vanilla, maybe Williams pears, acacia honey and then a rather ‘nervous’ lemony development. High quality Bunnahabhain. Finish: quite long, superbly grassy. Fresh walnuts, lemon and just a little brine. Comments: a great batch, perfect spirit that’s rather more ‘HP’ than akin to other, lighter Bunnies. Great surprise, my kind. SGP:463 - 89 points.

Bunnahabhain 21 yo 1991 (42.2%, Jack Wiebers, Ocean Liners, 120 bottles, 2013)

Bunnahabhain 21 yo 1991 (42.2%, Jack Wiebers, Ocean Liners, 120 bottles, 2013) Two stars and a half Colour: amber. Nose: a light and fresh kind of sherried Bunny, quite medicinal again (is that a vintage effect, after all?), becoming rather more leathery after a few seconds. Cigarette tobacco and then more earth and even a little dust, walnuts, old wine cellar…  A style that I enjoy, as long as the palate isn’t tired. Let’s check that… Mouth: this time it’s a sweet, very raisiny profile, maybe a notch weakish because of the low strength, but some aspects are interesting and unusual (no death words in my mouth, I swear). Maybe a little rubber? Peppercorn? There is a bitterness… Finish: medium, a little too grassy and bitter for my taste. Comments: I liked the nose much, much, and I mean much better than the palate. I actually loved the nose. Did I tell you about this one’s nose? ;-). The label’s lovely too. SGP:472 - 78 points.

Bunnahabhain 1991/2010 (54%, Scotch Single Malt Circle, cask #5447, 312 bottles)

Bunnahabhain 1991/2010 (54%, Scotch Single Malt Circle, cask #5447, 312 bottles) Two stars and a half Colour: deep amber. Nose: this one isn’t medicinal, rather chocolaty (milk chocolate) and raisiny; although it tends to become drier and closer and closer to the Jack Wiebers’. Walnuts and tobacco. With water: some earth coming out, we’re actually extremely close to the JWWW now. Pretty great nose. Mouth (neat): sweet and raisiny arrival, then the same kind of bittersweet development as in the JWWW. Somewhat acrid. There’s also something lavendery and geraniumy (yes I’m afraid of no barbarisms). With water: nah, same story as above. A little difficult. Finish: ditto. Comments: another Bunnahabhain only for nosing in my view. Same score (trying to be very single-minded). SGP:472 - 78 points.

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