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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

April 10, 2013


Tasting three Miltonduff, good shtuff

Maybe I should stop using stupid headlines, what do you think?

Miltonduff 1980 (41.9%, Jack Wiebers, Prenzlow Portfolio Collection, bourbon, +/-2012)

Miltonduff 1980/2012 (41.9%, Jack Wiebers, Prenzlow Portfolio Collection, bourbon) Four stars Colour: dark straw. Nose: it’s a relatively light yet fragrant nose, with touches of melons and peaches ala Bruichladdich that mingle well with a little menthol and liquorice from the wood. Also a little vanilla and maple syrup, the whole remaining light and delicate, almost a little feminine. After fifteen minutes, touches of banana skin as well as marshmallows but it remains light and elegant. Hope the palate won’t be too drying or tannic… Mouth: there is, indeed, a little bitter oak at first sipping but I wouldn’t say it’s excessive, it even imparts some notes of chlorophyll that go well with a rather liquoricy profile. More and more liquorice, which makes it semi-extractive, I’d say. Then more and more walnuts, apple peels and then nutmeg and cinnamon. Barley water. Finish: medium long, clean, not too oaky. Green melons – they are back! Banana skin in the aftertaste, drops of Jaegermeister. Comments: a very interesting dram, sometimes fragile but the oak never manages to win. SGP:441 - 85 points.

Miltonduff 23 yo 1987/2010 (56.7%, Riegger's Selection, cask #7057)

Miltonduff 23 yo 1987/2010 (56.7%, Riegger's Selection, cask #7057) Four stars Colour: dark gold. Nose: this time we’re rather having a blend of chocolate and kirsch at first nosing, with a few overripe strawberries in the background. Goes on with stone fruits and the spirits made thereof (always a little almondy), then straight almonds and walnuts. The oak’s growing bigger over time, with whiffs of pencil shavings but never any varnish. With water: cinnamon cake, black tea and chocolate. The oak’s been tamed. Mouth (neat): big peppery oak, which gives this baby a profile that’s akin to… a peater’s! Seriously. Then more heavy liquorice, walnut liqueur and bitter chocolate, it’s a funny one provided you like bitter drams. With water: less ‘peat’ and more herbal tones, beautiful ones. A slight feeling of lapsang souchong mixed with tarry liquorice and drops of strong herbal liqueur. Actually, it reminds me of an old liqueur that my grandpa used to quaff forty or fifty years ago and that was called Danziger Goldwasser. There were gold flakes floating in it – yes, already. The junk vodkas that use that trick today and are claiming to a first are really hopeless. Finish: long, perfect, with more bitter oranges and a sweet spiciness. Comments: I was afraid this would be a little too extractive/oaky. It’s not. SGP:462 - 87 points.

Milton Duff 1964/1999 (49.5%, Samaroli, Cask# 1153, 240 bottles)

Milton Duff 1964/1999 (49.5%, Samaroli, Cask# 1153, 240 bottles) Four stars and a half That’s right, Milton Duff is sometimes spelled Milton Duff or Milton-Duff. Colour: gold. Nose: it’s a rather light one again, not too far from the JWWW, except that this one’s rather more floral, with roses and peonies on top of the melon, vanilla and marshmallows. Also something clearly bourbony, with a little coconut and, again, menthol. With water: yesss. Explodes with subtle herbal fragrances, vetiver, green oranges, orange blossom, fresh peppermint, lemon balm… This is quite superb. Mouth (neat): it’s really funny how bourbony this is. Coconut liqueur, creamy vanilla, sweet walnut cake, barley sugar… You get the picture. Good body, this is very quaffable, even without water. With water: excellent, delicately almondy and herbal. Finish: the oak becomes slightly drying know, which will prevent me from going over 89. Comments: a case where many enthusiasts wouldn’t have tried it with water because of the medium strength (49.5%) while water actually did wonders. Remember, water is whisky’s best friend (together with a glass). Too bad the finish was a tad cardboardy… SGP:541 - 89 points.








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