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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

August 3, 2013


Tasting two surprising Swiss whiskies

We're live from St. Moritz in Switzerland, more exactly from the Waldhaus am See hotel, where there's one of the largest whisky bars in Europe. It's amazing how many whiskies there are in this country, it seems that all Swiss brewers and all distillers are having a go at it these days. But we'll have only two today if you don't mind...

Monsteiner Whisky 5 yo 2007 (40%, OB, WhiksyVision Monstein, Switzerland, +/-2013)

Monsteiner Whisky 5 yo 2007 (40%, OB, WhiksyVision Monstein, Switzerland, +/-2013) Two stars A very tiny production by a tiny brewing company in Monstein near Davos in the eastern Swiss Alps. All that is very likeable but how's their very rare whisky? Let's see... Colour: straw. Nose: it's the beer, with all its yeastiness that comes out first, while touches of ginger from the oak are soon to join it. It's actually quite interesting, I'm not a beer guy so I don't know much about these super-strong beers that are popping out of nowhere these days (well, probably not out of nowhere!) but I imagine they 'nose' like this. Also touches of vanilla and plain sawdust, then more and more pear. Mouth: not bad, not bad at all. Sweet and malty, with again that feeling of beer, a pleasant creaminess (syrupy feeling) and touches of candied ginger. After a few seconds, more and more pear jelly, honey and maple syrup, with nice spices too as well as, maybe, a little mint. This works. Finish: good length, with touches of sweet mustard. Pears again in the light aftertaste. Comments: not a huge personality (when these kinds of whiskies have a big personality that usually means they're wrecked ;-)). Now, 60 Swiss francs for a 25cl bottle in a shop are a little too much. SGP:431 - 73 points.

Johnett 2007 (42%, OB, Etter, Switerland, +/-2012)

Johnett 2007 (42%, OB, Etter, Switerland, +/-2012) Two stars This one was distilled by Etter, a company that usually rather makes fruit eaux-de-vie. They're located in Zug and source both the bear and the barriques locally. Colour: pale gold. Nose: pleasant, with roasted grains and a little honey. Not unpleasant at all and, above all, not as 'eau-de-vie-ish' as many whiskies by fruit distillers can be. Touches of grass and only hints of pears and bubblegum, good news again. It's even a little earthy. Mouth: sweet and light, pleasantly fruity. Pear compote with a little caramel, tarte tatin... A little vanilla too. Finish: a little short and a little dry. Cornflakes and caramel flavoured tea. Comments: it's really honest and certainly well distilled. Well done Mr Etter! SGP:331 - 72 points.
(with thanks to Waldhaus am See)







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