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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

July 14, 2013


Two 29 yo Tormore. Some strange stuff.

Tormore is another name that’s got more exposure in recent times. In the old days, you had some stunning young ones for Italy (white label, Dreher) but then the indies issued many unlikely casks in my opinion. But Tormore is back since a few years, maybe we’ll have more fine examples today…

Tormore 29 yo 1984/2013 (51%, Archives, barrel, cask #3669, 90 bottles)

Tormore 29 yo 1984/2013 (51%, Archives, barrel, cask #3669, 90 bottles) Four stars I have no experience with Tormore 1984. Colour: pale gold. Nose: it’s a little spirity for a few seconds, with a kirschy side that I had found in other Tormores if I remember well, but then there’s an orangey explosion, so to speak (no politics of course). Blood oranges, Seville oranges and even rotting oranges, which ain’t bad I assure you. And pepper, capsicum and ginger. It’s actually quite wild, water should work well. With water: the putative son of Imperial and Glentauchers. Make what you like out of that. Mouth (neat): oak-aged Cointreau or Grand Marnier, with quite a lot of pepper and nutmeg. It’s a very spicy Tormore. With water: more fruits, it becomes a little simpler. Apple cake, a little ginger, even wee touches of chillies. Finish: rather long, a little more chocolaty. Spicy aftertaste (nutmeg, cinnamon…) Comments: quite some unrest in there! It’s fun to follow, even if – or maybe because – everything isn’t fully square. Big dram. SGP:661 - 87 points.

Tormore 1982/2011 (55.1%, Gordon & MacPhail Reserve for LMDW, refill sherry, cask #16320)

Tormore 1982/2011 (55.1%, Gordon & MacPhail Reserve for LMDW, refill sherry, cask #16320) Three stars and a half Colour: full gold. Nose: heavy chocolate and heavy struck matches. The colour wasn’t dark but this smells like an utter sherry monster. Asparagus, cauliflowers, orange zests… Let’s let it breathe a little longer… yeah, no, it remains matchsticky (S.!) After twenty minutes: yeah! More leaves, herbal teas, earth, mushrooms, cigars… This is nicer indeed. With water (why are many G&M whiskies getting more cloudy than others when diluted?): dead leaves everywhere, together with a little tobacco smoke and walnuts. Vin jaune. Mouth (neat): now we’re talking! Rich, spicy, beautifully gingery. I don’t know where that comes from but it’s plain and pure speculoos or gingerbread liqueur. The honeyed side is brilliant too. With water: same, this is excellently spicy and gingery. This baby should go well with foie gras ;-). Finish: long, spicy, quite tannic, not unlike some excellent black tea. The aftertaste is a td too bitter for my taste, though. Comments: not an easy one for sure. It’s actually the exact opposite of an easy whisky. For once, it’s the palate that’s on another planet, the nose is quite, yeah, I’ll say it, sulphury. SGP:552 - 84 points.

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