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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

September 22, 2019


More rums as they come

Aston helping with seecting some spirits to taste >>>
No pre-selection this time, Aston (WF’s official mouser) is choosing the rums for us. Watch him, he’s Scottish! Oh, no, not this, Aston!...


Barcelo ‘Gran Platinum’ (37.5%, OB, Dominican Republic, +/-2018)

Barcelo ‘Gran Platinum’ (37.5%, OB, Dominican Republic, +/-2018)
Indeed you could be ‘gran platinum’ and use the cheapest twist-caps there is. And wait, it seems that this was aged for six years (really?) and then charcoal-filtered so that it would get white again. Why isn’t Jack Daniels white then? (oh, Serge!) Colour: white. Nose: nada. Sugar and antifreeze? Looks like the charcoal has taken off just everything, not just the colours. Mouth: hello? Saccharose and traces of green bananas. Look, Barcelo’s 30 yo 'Imperial' had been pretty okay (WF 79, but of course they’re lying as far as age statements are concerned, that’s the main job of many a rum brand anyway, to lie smartly). Terrible palate. Finish: none whatsoever. What did we just try? Comments: why this bland? But indeed there are more important questions in life, such as ‘should we tolerate intolerance?’
SGP:310 - 25 points.

No dry food for you tonight, Aston! Unless you find something better… Oh!...

Sunset ‘Captain Bligh XO’ (40%, OB, St. Vincent, +/-2018)

Sunset ‘Captain Bligh XO’ (40%, OB, St. Vincent, +/-2018) one star and a half
This baby from St. Vincent and The Grenadines, which sounds very cool. I remember we’d tried their ‘Very Strong Rum’ a few months ago – mind you, we had managed to survive its 84.5% vol. back then! Colour: gold. Nose: it’s fine, light, rather on sugar cane, and dry at that, not pumped-up. Apparently, let’s see… Mouth: it’s good, rather Cuban-style, light and grassy, with good cane-iness, a thin body, and seemingly nothing repulsive or poisonous. Notes of wood dust. Finish: short, dry, rather clean. Comments: rather uninteresting, but pretty honest rum, with no dirty tricks that I could detect. For cocktails, I suppose. Nothing to add, I’m sure these islands are totally beautiful and the people very engaging.
SGP:310 - 69 points.

Aston, please!...

Abelha 3 yo ‘Gold Organic’ (38%, OB, Brazil, +/-2017)

Abelha 3 yo ‘Gold Organic’ (38%, OB, Brazil, +/-2017) Two stars and a half
Oh come on cat, this isn’t even rum, it’s cachaça! Yeah, I know I shouldn’t have put it into the rum shelves then… What’s interesting is that this was aged in garapeira, which is some tropical wood. Deforestation? Don’t get me started… Oh and remember, cachaça = cane juice, not molasses. And I think abelha means bee, so some honeyed notes are t be expected, I suppose… Colour: straw. Nose: frankly, the good cachaças can be extremely good. We did a nice session some years ago, I believe we ought to do a new one soon. So, this little Abelha is pretty grassy, it’s got these typical fermentary notes, notes of olives, agave, mead, old white Bourgogne, a touch of wood smoke… So it’s very nice, just a tad shy and that’s probably the lower strength. Mouth: why oh why didn’t they bottle it at 43, if not 45% vol? Bread, ferments, mead, salty capers, gingerbread, dough, a touch of wormwood… It’s a beautiful spirit, it’s just a little ‘wobbly in the knees’, as we sometimes say. Finish: medium, tarry, and with always quite some mead, and perhaps burnt, or pan-fried gingerbread. Comments: bottling this quality at 38% vol. equals murder. There, I said it.
SGP:451 - 78 points.


Travellers 11 yo 2005/2017 (64.4%, Boogieman Import, Belize, barrel, cask #2)

Travellers 11 yo 2005/2017 (64.4%, Boogieman Import, Belize, barrel, cask #2) Two stars
Always liked Belize’s Travellers, it’s just that I think it’s not the most characterful spirit on earth. Is it? And Aston, from 38% to 64% vol., that’s a little steep! Colour: dark gold. Nose: cakes, praline, pastries, and cane syrup. Exactly what we were expecting. With water: same. Perhaps a little earthier? A little chocolate too, Weetabix, caramel sauce, light honey, maple syrup… Mouth (neat): yeah, good columny rum from some pretty active wood, ridden with vanilla, orange liqueur, soft spices (cinnamon rolls), and a grassy kind of caramel. But at this strength, watch your tongue. With water: to rum what good grain whisky is to Scotch. Less is more! Finish: medium and perhaps a little thin, but the cask was good and the vanilla loyal. Some coconut in the aftertaste. Comments: really not my kind of rum, but it’s well made, for sure. Originally for blends, I suppose.
SGP:430 - 76 points.

Good progress Aston, but try harder…Yess, well done! (I’ll have to teach my cat the advantages of pot stills)…

Diamond 9 yo 2008/2018 (63.2%, Hunter Laing, Kill Devil, Guyana, 258 bottles)

Diamond 9 yo 2008/2018 (63.2%, Hunter Laing, Kill Devil, Guyana, 258 bottles) Three stars
They do not tell us about which still(s) have been in use here, except that they were pot stills. Good news. Colour: pale gold. Nose: between two worlds, I would say. Estery on the one side, rounder and lighter on the other side, with some fine vanilla-y wood keeping it tight and coherent. Nah, drop that, it’s fine but a tad light so far. With water: it’s some kind of diluted Hampden, seriously. Very nice, but rather a kick-boxer with gloves. Fewer olives, less tar, not as much brine, almost no new plastic or plasticine… Mouth (neat): but this is pear eau-de-vie! Seriously, pear spirit with a few drops of diesel oil thrown in. With water: there, some seawater, lemon juice, notes of pointed cabbage, sour fruit juices… Finish: rather long, but curiously thin(nish). Brine, liquorice and apple juice – rather than lemon juice. Comments: very good, just a little more hesitant, shall we say, than the usual Kill Devils. By the way, the devil’s completely dead now, but remember, ‘kill devil’ is just another old name for rum, a drink that could always cast out the demon. Provided you would drink enough of it, of course.
SGP:362 - 82 points.

Oh and Aston, I believe we'll let you get back to your business. That’s right, foooood!

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