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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

January 16, 2020


Our Springbanks for January

Remember we had said we’d try to taste Springbank each and every month?

Springbank 21 yo (47.5%, OB, Taiwan Edition, single cask, oloroso, 2016)

Springbank 21 yo (47.5%, OB, Taiwan Edition, single cask, oloroso, 2016) Four stars and a half
From a set of single casks that had been issued that year for several markets, including this one for Taiwan. They get a lot of good juice in Taiwan! Colour: deep gold. Nose: flints in abundance, also walnuts (naturally) and this feeling of brake fluid, but it’s a bit closed and may need some oxygen. Let’s give this baby a little time… (… you may play some stuff by Frank Zappa in your head while you wait…) Right, more walnuts, also autumn leaves and metal polish, dried porcini, some kind of grassy soot, bitter oranges… It is very Springbank, but perhaps a tad shy? Or is it me? The palate will tell. Mouth: it was me. It’s a mustardy Springbank, pretty fino-y (or is that bone dry Madeira?), peppery, with even more green walnuts now, old chardonnay, pecans, a drop of Worcester sauce maybe, more bitter oranges,  bitter herbs, rather a lot of leather, cloves, caraway… I have to say I tend to prefer either bourbon, or rounder sherry, but of course, we’re still flying pretty high. So perhaps not a stratospheric Springbank in my book, but there… Oh and could be that reduction did it a little harm, I don’t think that’s impossible. Finish: long, salty on leather, walnuts and bitter oranges. Peppery aftertaste, with some amontillado? Comments: I tried very hard but I didn’t manage to push it towards the 90-mark. But it remains brilliant whisky, no question about that.
SGP:362 - 89 points.

Springbank 25 yo 1993/2019 (52.3%, The Perfect Fifth, 1st fill sherry, cask #315, 522 bottles)

Springbank 25 yo 1993/2019 (52.3%, The Perfect Fifth, 1st fill sherry, cask #315, 522 bottles) Five stars
Some new indie bottlers in the US who have given extra-care to their packagings (although I'm not entirely sure about that big 5 - I know, just numbers anyway). Their first list looks great too, especially this wee Springbank. Colour: gold. Nose: steel, tools, walnuts and engine oil, that’s well Springbank. Then we have some menthol, a little camphor, limestone, paraffin and bitter oranges, plus some beach sand and perhaps a little chalk and fresh parsley. No complains so far (why would I), on the contrary. If this was first fill sherry indeed, it was some very well behaved sherry. With water: the nicest porridge there is (with a nip of Springbank inside). Mouth (neat): tarter, zestier, more citrusy than the OB, sharper, more a blade as we sometimes say. Does not feel like 1st fill at all but frankly, that’s all for the better in my book. Lovely lemons, oils, waxes, minerals, soot, a drop of seawater, some ointments, a little wakame perhaps (that’s at the ‘coastal’ department), marmalade, some very flinty and pretty fermentary white wines by some good folks in Jura (Ganevat and compadres)… All great and pure. Again, no wham-bam sherry in the way. With water: exactly. Almonds, lemons, seawater, wax and chalk. Finish: rather long, waxier and chalkier yet, with lemons and grapefruits in the aftertaste. That always works. Comments: exactly what we were expecting. Faultless Springbank, right up my alley.
SGP:552 - 91 points.

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