Brora 22yo 1972/1995 (58.7%, UD Rare Malts series)
A huge pepper blast at first. Wow! Then it goes on developing on some very bold and structured peppery notes, and then, suddenly, it gets a little thinner. That’s strange… But wait here it comes: a beautiful load of fine peaty (smoke, bonfire) and coastal (dried seaweed) notes that keep developing until it becomes even more organic (soy sauce, ginger, haycock). And finally some great acidulated fruit (passion fruit, tangerine). Bold, rich and powerful: this one takes no prisoner.
The mouthfeel is very powerful, with a beautiful sweet and sour taste, and yes, some salt. I mean, a salty feeling ;-). Then, an extraordinary peat arises (smoke), accompanied with a lot of peppery notes. A lot of lavender as well, and some acidulated fruit like tangerine, green apple and redcurrant. How wonderful! Again, it’s extremely bold and rich, yet very austere, especially when compared to the Ardbegs.
Very long, mostly on the peat and pepper mode

In short, this beauty is very complex, very rich, and very refined at the same time. The whole shebang! And yes, this is the best Brora I ever had.

97 points

Serge - -