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Concert Review by Nick Morgan

Shepherds Bush Empire, London, January 29th 2006

Whiskyfun readers will no doubt be shocked to discover that my ‘The Gig that was So Bad that I Couldn’t Be Arsed to Review It’ Award, that I presented to Steve Harley in the Whiskyfun Music Awards for 2005, did not find favour with all parties. In fact “your review stinks” was what was written in an e-mail to Serge, which some may remember is more or less what I thought about the gig (actually that’s an understatement, but let’s not start that again).
Our mystery correspondent continued, “Perhaps you should have gone to see Babyshambles... sounds like more your scene”. Hmmm….well, never one to resist a challenge, I managed (that very day!) to get hold of tickets for said band of the moment, fronted by Kate Moss’s ex boyfriend, tabloid darling Pete Doherty, at the Bush. “You’re wasting your time dad” sighed my daughter as she agreed to stand in for The Photographer, “he’ll never turn up”. Well, for once I should have listened to the voice of impetuous youth, as over the past few weeks Pete’s been arrested for possession of cocaine and heaven knows what else twice, and as a result is now languishing at her Majesty’s Pleasure, as we like to say, rather than cavorting about the stage of the Bush. The only thing that consoles me is that Pete was quoted as saying at the time of his arrest "Please, officers, don't do this. I've got a gig tonight, cut me a break." No doubt it was the Whiskyfun review he was thinking about.
Well Pete, I hope you're getting the care and attention that you need (‘though I somewhat doubt it) and that you get well soon. In the meantime readers could do worse than listen to some of the new Babyshambles album Down in Albion which is decent enough, and certainly shows that young Mr Doherty is on the way to wasting a considerable talent.
Err… can I have my money back please? - Nick Morgan

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