Malt Maniacs Awards fillings 2006 - page 2

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Robert and Achilles, his new friend
Let's also have some legendary old Chartreuses from Tarragona
Saturday morning: Luc pours a great Bunnahabhain by DL.
The fillings are done, let's taste a few malts before we do the packing
alsace 025
Interesting comparison between four old Cardhus
Martine brought her professional tasting lass - with a lid, please!
alsace 027
Martine's tasting glass (patended)
alsace 028
Davin is jubilant while packing his own box
alsace 022
Vetrauen ist gut, kontrollen ist besser
alsace 033
Katja from Single Malt TV wants to steal Serge's bottles. Yeah, come, come...
Luc, Ulf, Katja and Serge discussing over an old Ben Nevis
Michel: 'This is not the mike, Katja' (or the wonders of miniaturization)
alsace 034
Talikser: great old duo.
Katja: 'Don't be such a square...' (to the bottle, of course)
alsace 037
Olivier: 'Let's be serious!'
alsace 038
How many points for this one?
Single Malt TV interviews Olivier in his wineyards
alsace 051
Saturday evening at Serge's: more wine!
alsace 052
Luc to Davon: 'See, this is Haut-Brion'
alsace 056
Michel and Davin talking about Loch Dhu 10yo
alsace 060
Ulf's interviewed. Serge: 'Uld is a Keeper of the Cake!'
alsace 063
Captain Buxrudski with ship's boy Katja
Michel, did you like the Massandra 1945?
alsace 064
Ulf is still keeping the cake
Davin does YMCA (late, very late in the evening)
Sunday morning: Olivier, Michel, Ulf, Robert and Alexander did the MMA 2006 vatting (with all the leftovers).

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