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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

November 11, 2016


Reduced service, one single Wolfburn

I know I ought to always do comparisons, but I’ve only got one new Wolfburn in WF’s library, and I just couldn’t find a fitting sparring partner. Well I could have, but I’m lacking inspiration today… And the other new cats I’ve got are all new makes or almost-new makes. 0h well of well oh well…

Wolfburn ‘Aurora’ (46%, OB, sherry casks, 2016)

Wolfburn ‘Aurora’ (46%, OB, sherry casks, 2016) Three stars and a half It’s the third Wolfburn I’m trying. I’ll soon have to add a new page to WF’s index of distilleries.  Colour: straw, so ex-refill, which is great. Nose: it hasn’t got the smoky side that was in the first Wolfburn, this is much easier, perhaps lighter, pretty much in the style of some young Speyside. Or, there, Bruichladdich. Touches of melons and peaches, apple cake, raw barley, pears, and muesli. Really gentle and, as they say in brochures (not theirs!), caressing. Mouth: solid, very good young malt whisky, with a lovely honeyness at first, then many soft fruitcakes, apples, pears, a touch of rye, and a very subtle earthiness. There’s also some fresh pollen, I think, and a spoonful of creamy vanilla. Vanilla liqueur? As for the sherry, its influence is rather minimal, and it’s the distillate that’s doing the talking. Sometimes you think they rather used first fill bourbon. Good anyway! Finish: medium, with a little barley water and always a little pollen. More towards grains and flowers than towards fruits. Comments: a bottling that makes a lot of sense since it stresses, I believe, the distillate’s style rather than anything related to the casks. That’s very honest, and very good. SGP:541 - 83 points.







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