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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

March 31, 2021


Little duos, Knockando official vs. independent

The little black hill. Not a very common session, as indie Knockandos are so rare. So I'm glad to be able to do this, even if it won't shake the whisky world or make the chatteratti blink an eye.

Knockando 21 yo 1997 'Master Reserve' (43%, OB, +/-2020)

Knockando 21 yo 1997 'Master Reserve' (43%, OB, +/-2020) Three stars and a half
I've always had a soft spot for these very realistically priced bottles that are, in France, rather positioned as some ueber-Cardhu. So they're rather 'budget' and do sometimes appeal to blend drinkers. Some true access-category malt that you'll find at around 55€. For a 21 yo!  Colour: gold. Nose: you'd almost believe you're nosing a can of Ovaltine powder. Well I suppose it's better than a malt whisky would be very malty if you want to catch drinkers of J&B and assorted light boozes. Also chocolate and oranges, Jaffa cakes, chocolate bars, cornflakes, a little pipe tobacco, toasts… I think I like it much more than last time, but it was a different vintage. Mouth: frankly this goes down well, it's perfectly dry, even a little on salted ham and soy sauce, with good walnuts (cake), brownies, and indeed Ovaltine. Touches of mushrooms too, it's getting pretty earthy, but just not as drying as other batches. A little honey too. Finish: medium, on mead, chocolate, coffee, tobacco and once again, a touch of salt. A little sweet and sour sauce in the aftertaste, teriyaki-style. Comments: really a lot of black chocolate in this one! Frankly, I find it excellent and possibly in progress, while I used to prefer the youngest expressions of K.
SGP:461 - 84 points.

Knockando 12 yo 2007/2020 (46%, Signatory Vintage, Un-chillfiltered Collection, hogsheads, casks #304102-304106)

Knockando 12 yo 2007/2020 (46%, Signatory Vintage, Un-chillfiltered Collection, hogsheads, casks #304102-304106) Three stars and a half
This could be Knockando without any 'sherry', perhaps in the style of the superb old 12s from, well, 30 years ago. Or maybe is it nothing, just an average Speysider like they have millions of casks over there in Caledonia. Let's see… Colour: white wine. Nose: rather all on fruity and sour, doughy malt. We're nosing some fresh-crushed barley with drops of lemon juice and pils beer. Perhaps gueuze as well, certainly fresh baguette, with then subtler notes of brand new books and newspapers, including a little ink, of course. Whisky for bookworms? Mouth: it's really amusing that we would be this close to the official 21 despite the obvious lack of anything 'sherry'. Which means that this very 'Ovaltine/Ovomaltine' style does come from the distillate. All for the better of you ask me, this is perfect if you ever need to show anyone the difference between any whisky and 'malt' whisky. Some chocolate too, dry energy bars, Guinness… Finish: medium, very malty. More Guinness. Comments: really a showcase bottle to have in your bar. Want malt whisky, my friend?
SGP:461 - 84 points.

Happy with these 'No can do', as our dear Italian friends would say. Well, both have been very malty indeed. See you.

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