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Malt Maniacs Malt Monitor

So, what's the use of assigning scores to single malts? For one thing, it enables us to express our
feelings for a whisky more accurately than general classifications like 'nice' and 'very nice' would.
What's more; it makes communicating about those feelings with other malt maniacs much easier.
Every malt maniac agrees Ardbeg 10yo and Ardbeg 17yo are both far better than just 'average'.
Only by assigning and comparing scores can we determine who likes which version best and
find out how these particular single malts performs compared to other single malt whiskies.
You can find an overview of all the malts that were samples by at least 3 malt maniacs
on the official
Malt Maniacs Matrix, the Monitor offers far more 'raw data' to analyze.

The Full Monty Monitor
(HTML, colour, 1.6MB, sorted alphabetically, updated 18/09/2004)
The 'Full Monty Monitor' offers an overview of all scores of the certified maniacs.
At the moment, we have collected almost 6,180 ratings on 2,570 different single malts.
Some new features show you which are the latest entries and updates, and the new bottlings.
Click if you want to know how to read the Monitor while getting all the details (opens a pop-up).

The Printable Malt Maniacs Monitor
(PDF, printable, 600KB, sorted alphabetically, updated 18/09/2004)
Much better suited for printing. The file contains approx 50 pages.

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2002 - My old friend Paul is tasting an Old Potrero. Yes, cask strength.

Serge's Statistics Shack

The data on the MMMonitor allows us to play around with the numbers for our own amusement.
Please note that only the results and conclusions published on Malt Maniacs are 'official'.
However, these statistics are often used as the foundation for our official opinions.

Solid Top 100 Maniacal Malts
(HTML, sorted by average score, updated 26/09/2004)
For this 'solid' Top 100 we've taken all the malts that have been sampled
by at least six different certified malt maniacs (i.e. half of our tasting team)
and simply ranked them from 'best' to 'worst'. The result: Our Solid Top 100.
Please note that these results can be very different than our Awards', the latter
addressing only malts that have been submitted by the industry, whereas
most of the malts on the monitor have been, yes... bought by us!

Soft Top 100 Maniacal Malts
(HTML, sorted by average score, updated 26/09/2004)
For the 'soft' version of our Top 100 we've also looked at the malts that
have been sampled by less than 6 (but at least 3) certified malt maniacs.
The results are slightly less 'solid', but you should find 'the best of the best' here.

The Malt Maniacs Soft RIBs
(HTML, sorted by bottler and average score, updated 26/09/2004)
Another interesting feature. Find out about our Recommended Independent Bottlings, meaning all the bottlings which have been rated above 85 points by 2+ Maniacs. Here are the gems!

 Strange Bits
(HTML, various statistics, updated 26/09/2004)
Various statistics, like our favourite bottlers, our our prefered styles of whiskies. Worth checking!

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Malt Maniacs Picture Book

Unlike many web communities, the maniacs meet in real life, whatever the distances.
From Adelaide or Tel Aviv, Hamburg or Amsterdam, Palo Alto or Ottawa, they all take
every single opportunity to meet and to share a few (well, many) drams together,
and many of their ideas about the fantastic world of single malts as well.
Why not have a look at the pictures hereunder right now?

Islay 2004 Davin's Photos
Islay 2004 Serge's Photos
Islay 2004 Olivier's Photos
Islay 2004 Ho-cheng's Bruichladdich Photos
May-June 2004, Davin, Ho-cheng, Olivier and Serge having fun again
on beautiful Islay. What a blast!

Alsace 2003
In December 2003, malt maniacs Davin, Klaus, Krishna, Mark, Olivier and Serge
gathered in Alsace for a Brorathon, an Islay breakfast and to distil their own spirit.
And talking about spirits...

Scotland Pildrammage 2003
In May-June 2003, malt maniacs Johannes, Craig, Davin, Krishna and Serge
made a pilgrimage (or pildrammage) to Speyside. Oh, that was fun!

Hamburg 2003
JOLTing and Pandora operations are two of the maniacs favourite activites,
and German Maniac Klaus does always participate very actively. See the pictures!

Milan 2002
Maniacs Johannes and Serge made it to Milan, where world famous collector
Giorgio d'Ambrosio made them browse his fantastic collection. I tell you, a dream!

Paris 2002
The Paris Whisky Festival took place at the Distillerie Clacquessin in September,
and of course French maniacs Olivier and Serge attended the event.
Some good friends from the industry... and perhaps too many malts!

Islay Festival 2002
An absolute must! Was it because of the Old Alliance? French maniacs Olivier and Serge
(and American maniac Michael Wade) went there, for some incredible moments.

Dramsterdam 2002
When Israeli maniac Roman, Canadian Davin, German Klaus and French maniac Serge
meet in Johannes' home city, what can happen, other than a lot of dramming?
Fun and pleasure to meet somewhere else than in the cyberspace, of course!

Various events
Davin and Mark at WoW, San Francisco, various tasting sessions...
And a picture of Dutch maniac Johannes' car. You just can't miss it!