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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

June 25, 2013


Even more Bowmore

It’s such good news that the indies, whether big or small, keep issuing new Bowmores every month that God makes! Even better news, they usually stay clear of unlikely finishings...

Bowmore 2002/2013 (57.1%, Svenska Eldvatten, bourbon hogshead, cask #85456)

Bowmore 2002/2013 (57.1%, Svenska Eldvatten, bourbon hogshead, cask #85456) Three stars and a half I have to say these friendly Swedes have impressed me so far, they seem to know how to select a cask of whisky! Colour: white wine. Nose: yah! Implacable spirit, extremely straightforward and kind of minimal, which may well be an asset here. Sharp, chiselled, narrow… Isn’t this smoked seawater? With water: some new oak coming though. Paprika-ish. Mouth (neat): there’s a little new oak coming through again this time, with some ginger/speculoos and curry that are very obvious right from the start. European oak??? I must be mistaken, that’s impossible for obvious reasons… With water: better, although the gingery side remains. Finish: quite long, briny, lemony, salty… It’s only in the aftertaste that the ginger returns. Comments: great Bowmore, no doubt, it’s just that the oak is a little loud at times. Or maybe it’s me (who’s being loud, yeah yeah…) SGP:457 - 84 points.

Bowmore 1999/2013 (56.5%, Signatory Vintage for Le Gus’t, France, barrel, cask #800293, 236 bottles)

Bowmore 1999/2013 (56.5%, Signatory Vintage for Le Gus’t, France, barrel, cask #800293, 236 bottles) Five stars This one was bottled for a very friendly and very cool French whisky shop in Manosque, north of Marseille. Go there! Colour: white wine. Nose: smoother and rounder than the Swede, but certainly neither smooth nor round, if you see what I mean. More aromas come though after a few seconds, especially tobacco, mushrooms and apple peelings. It’s less briny and ‘seawatery’ than the 2002. With water: same, more or less, but I think it was even nicer without water. Mouth (neat): ah f****g yes, this is perfect, unavoidable naked spirit (calm down, S.!). Everything is perfectly chiselled, lemons, brine, kippers, smoke, liquorice… Very stylish. With water: yes, it’s perfect. Nothing to add. Finish: I said it’s perfect. And I adore these earthy touches in the aftertaste. Comments: it’s not easy to find a ‘balanced cask’ when the whisky’s still pretty young (The Whisky Agency in Germany are very good at that), but this time it’s a success. Bien joué, felicitations, this is Bowmore! SGP:446 - 90 points.

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