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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

July 12, 2013


Tasting two very unusual islanders

These two whiskies have absolutely nothing in common, except that both were matured on an island, even if only partially in the case of the Indian.

P&M 7 yo 2005/2012 (42%, OB, France/Corsica)

P&M 7 yo 2005/2012 (42%, OB, France/Corsica) Two stars and a half Mashing and fermenting are done at the Pietra Brewery (hence the P in the name) and distilling happens at Mavela Distillery (hence the M in P&M). It's a single malt, aged in Corsican white wine barriques (Domaine Gentile in Patrimonio). There’s been much discussion in the past around the right or not to be called ‘whisky’, as Pietra is a beer that’s made out of both malt and chestnut, which isn’t a cereal. But that should not count here as this is well single malt whisky according to the label. So no chestnuts in the mashbill, I guess…. Colour: deep gold. Nose: extremely unusual indeed, starting all on bitter oranges and myrtle. There’s a lot of myrtle in Corsica, I’m wondering if they did not add a few drops of the liqueur that’s made out of myrtle here… Most probably not, but the resemblance is striking. I have to say it’s a very nice herbal nose, but it doesn’t smell much of ‘whisky’. No obligatorily a problem, mind you! Also genever. Mouth: exactly the same feeling, it’s very herbal. Gin, myrtle again, bitter oranges, some mint, a little eucalyptus liqueur (not an easy drink, I can tell you), quite some oak, tea… It’s a biggish dram, very different. Oily mouth feel. Finish: long, maybe a little too astringent, tannic… and always very grassy. The bitter oranges are back in the aftertaste, together with bitter almonds. Comments: I think this one calls for ice, and of course it’s better when sipped in Corsica (as long as I Muvrini are not playing ;-)). I quite like it despite – or because – its unlikeliness. SGP:471 - 78 points.

Amrut 'Herald' (58.4%, OB, barrel, cask #3030, 219 bottles, 2013)

Amrut 'Herald' (58.4%, OB, barrel, cask #3030, 219 bottles, 2013) Four stars This new baby was matured for 4 years in Bangalore and then 4 years on the much cooler island of Helgoland in northern Germany. Colour: gold. Nose: maybe a bit blocked in comparison, perhaps because of the ueber-aromatic Corsican? I get some sawdust and some tinned pineapples and even oranges, but that’s pretty all so far. That’s quite normal at such high strength. With water: it does not change much but it became easier. I don’t think it’s one of the fruitiest Amruts out there, and maybe it’s spent a little too much time in active wood – already. But things may be different on the palate… Mouth (neat): very Amrut, thick, creamy, very citrusy… It’s also aggressive and pungent but that should be the high strength. So, with water: haha, we tamed the b****d. More lemon and grapefruits, this feeling of fruit salad that’s very ‘Amrut’ and then various ‘acidic’ herbs, coriander, rhubarb stems, sorrel and such. Sweet vanilla. The oak’s noticeable but it’s not in the way of the spirit at all. Finish: long, fruity, sweet. A little more spices in the aftertaste (pepper). Comments: just exactly excellent but it needs quite a lot of water in my opinion. They ‘could’ have bottled it at 46 or 50% but hey, not my business. Great drop anyway. SGP:651 - 87 points.

(thank you Sophie, Sylvie, Christophe and Dominique)







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