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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

November 17, 2013


Three bourbons

I know I'm neglecting my American whiskies/whiskeys, a crying shame! But there are so many great American blogs and resources out there (Sku's, Chuck's, Whisky Advocate, various forums and such), I couldn't compete anyway. Yet, let's have three little bourbons today, for once...

Wild Turkey '81' (40.5%, OB, Kentucky straight bourbon, +/-2013)

Wild Turkey '81' (40.5%, OB, Kentucky straight bourbon, +/-2013) Two stars and a half Wild Turkey used to belong to France's Pernod Ricard until around 2009, when they sold the brand to Campari for around $600Mio. Colour: gold. Nose: mild, sweet and spicy. Maple syrup with a little coconut, vanilla cream, geranium flowers, wee touches of lavender and then rather ginger liqueur. I know it isn't but it feels flavoured to this nose, which isn't obligatorily a bad thing. Mouth: maybe a little watery, but the profile is pleasant. Some kinds of herbal teas that would involve bits of orange peel, chamomile, rosemary and bits of oak. Add a little honey and we're on. Very easy whisky. Finish: short, remaining sweet. Comments: easy, undemanding, not too syrupy and with a controlled oakiness. Too bad it's maybe a little too flat for a malt drinker, but I really enjoyed the nose. SGP:650 - 79 points.

Wild Turkey '101' (50.5%, OB, Kentucky straight bourbon, +/-2013)

Wild Turkey '101' (50.5%, OB, Kentucky straight bourbon, +/-2013) Three stars Colour: dark gold. Nose: I liked the nose of the 81 but I find this one a little overoaky and plankish. Pencil shavings, vanilla, more pencils, grass and hay... It's much narrower, but water may help. With water: wow, we managed to recreate the 81! Please refer to the above notes ;-). Mouth (neat): exactly what I'd expect from some easy young bourbon. Maple and corn syrups, marmalade, a little ginger, plenty of vanilla and a little liquorice. Simple yet quite to my liking this time, especially since there's also a wee earthiness showing up. With water: this is good, easy and sexy. Sweet orange liqueur, drops of ginger liqueur, a little spearmint, herbal teas, some honey... Finish: of medium length, sweet, with more oranges. Comments: the nose was really scary before dilution, but everything improved a lot thanks to my beloved Vittel. Very good at +/-45% vol., so +/- 90 US proof (my old math teacher would be proud of me). SGP:650 - 81 points.

Heaven Hill 15 yo 'Whisky Jewbilee' (61.3%, Jewish Whisky Company, 87 bottles, 2013)

Heaven Hill 15 yo 'Whisky Jewbilee' (61.3%, Jewish Whisky Company, 87 bottles, 2013) Four stars This one had a high rye mash bill. I find it rather fun to see some kind of confessional whisky (not too sure that word is appropriate), it's something you'd never, ever see over here. So it's very exotic and even a bit Seinfeldian to me. Love Seinfeld! Colour: amber. Nose: there's some oak as well but this time it's rather toasted and caramelly, while many more aromas are jostling each other behind it. I'm getting praline, vanilla, honeysuckle, maple syrup, no bubblegum (before you ask) and then millionaire shortbread with just a hint of ginger. With water: really lovely now, I find strawberries and other red berries as well as more oranges and, indeed the rye. Mouth (neat): high-impact sweet oak and spices! Also a little earth just like in the WT101 but it's all a little too strong for me, let's dilute it right away. With water: sweet and spicy, very rye-ish, honeyed, liqueury in a good way, with a thick mouth feel. Peppered Cointreau. Finish: long, with this oak and that earth showing up again. The aftertaste is particularly earthy/mentholated. Comments: a spicier bourbon, that one. Quality's high. SGP:761 - 86 points.



Block Today: ROCK. Performer: French cult band Odeurs playing like (better than?) Dire Straits around 1979. Track: L'homme objet. Please visit their website and buy the music...







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