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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

March 9, 2014


A little tasting, two Auchroisk

Some funny pronunciations are to be heard with Auchroisk. Ohthroskk’, Oyshroysk’, Authrosk’, Oshrosk’, Ohkrosk’… Who’s right and who’s wrong?

Auchroisk 17 yo 1996/2013 (48.2%, The Whisky Agency, Liquid Library, refill barrel, 208 bottles)

Auchroisk 17 yo 1996/2013 (48.2%, The Whisky Agency, Liquid Library, refill barrel, 208 bottles) Two stars and a half Refill barrel? You bet, because… Colour: very pale white wine. Nose: I sometimes really like these ultra-naked malts that display no oak character whatsoever, while being fully mature and, well, smooth. It’s certainly the case here, this is impeccably barleyish and cherryish at first nosing, while more cut apples, yellow peaches and tangerines start to appear after just a few seconds. There’s also a little chalk and clay but the whole  thing is pretty eau-de-vie-ish, which I find much enjoyable. Love the cherries. Mouth: this is eau-de-vie straight from the still. Plum, I’d say. I could list all the kinds of plums I could think of (or plunder Wikipedia) but that would be too much. So yeah, plum eau-de-vie and just a touch of salt and lemon. Oh, and tequila blanco. Finish: not too long, on, guess what? Plum eau-de-vie. Comments: loved the nose but I have to say I find the palate too narrow and rather immature. Very interesting, I’d say. SGP:541 - 78 points.

Auchroisk 23 yo 1990//2013 (49.8%, Sansibar)

Auchroisk 23 yo 1990//2013 (49.8%, Sansibar) Three stars and a half Colour: gold. Nose: there’s a little sherry coming through this time, sweet walnuts, orange drops, then touches of rubber (bands) that make it a little raw, but on the other hand, the very fine herbal notes work very well. Some roots and soot, a little aniseed and wormwood, genepy… Quite unclassic and certainly intriguing. Curious about the palate… Mouth: heavy oakiness, this is the opposite of the 1996. A lot of pepper and ginger, an earthiness, a spoonful of very bitter orange marmalade, and only on the background, more civilised dried fruits, such as sultanas and figs. Something slightly tropical too, would that be dried mangos? Also some caramel that makes the whole a little smoother. Actually, it does improve over time… Finish: long, cleaner and fruitier. Lovely oranges, both bitter and ‘regular’. It’s a very nice finish, probably the nicest part of this little Auchroisk. Gains a few more points here. Comments: a bit of a rollercoaster. Not boring! Loved the finish. SGP:551 - 83 points.

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