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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

December 30, 2014


Strong Benromach
and stronger Benromach

The very vibrant and diverse Malt Maniacs & Friends community on Facebook can be a bit pushy. Well, I feel pushed. Since our friend Ralfy selected the new Benromach 10 years old as his malt of the year – certainly a great choice as far as daily drams are concerned – everybody’s talking about Benromach, and some are now commenting on the new 100 proof, while I haven’t tried it yet. That’s why I’m feeling ‘pushed’… Time to put things straight!

Benromach 10 yo '100° proof' (57%, OB, 2014)

Benromach 10 yo '100° proof' (57%, OB, 2014) Four stars So yeah, this is the new 100 proof. It’s obviously Gordon & MacPhail distillate, as Diageo sold the distillery to them in 1992/1993, while G&M reopened it in 1998. Well, that were Diageo’s ancestors, United Distillers. Colour: amber. Nose: the other day there was an article about smells that were disappearing, including ‘gun caps’. Well, this has clear notes of gun caps, walnuts, struck matches and burning pinewood at first nosing, before more bitter oranges, earth and leather are joining in the dancing. So a very fino-ish character altogether, I even find a little mustard. With water: it’s pure smoky and waxy manzanilla! Mouth (neat): rich, oily, both sweet and pleasantly astringent, very peppery, thick, bitter… In short, rather beastly. The bitter oranges, and regular orange peel as well, do come in after a few seconds, together with some kind of smoked chocolate and a wee bitter/sour feeling. Ginger liqueur? Big stuff, as they say. With water: it’s tobacco and leather that are coming out. Always some walnuts, as well as a growing saltiness. Finish: lasting, leathery, smoky. Bitter oranges and pepper in the aftertaste. Comments: big characterful smoky stuff, a great display of ‘good’ sulphur. Excellently old school again. SGP:463 - 87 points.

Now go find another youngster that’s as strong as that… Oh I think I’ve found something…

Benromach 18 yo 1976/1995 (65%, Cadenhead, Authentic Collection)

Benromach 18 yo 1976/1995 (65%, Cadenhead, Authentic Collection) Four stars Is this strong enough for you? ;-) This is UD Benromach. Actually, that was the DCL back in 1976. Colour: straw. Nose: very Benromach, with some linseed oil, gravel, soot, ‘ideas’ of smoked salmon, then cider apples and green plums. Extremely potent, but noseable, I’d say. With water: lovely grapefruits, soot, sand and marmalade. A great clean nose that shows us that there’s always been minerality in Benromach, even if sherry often masked it a bit. Mouth (neat): violent and brutal. Bang! It’s so strong that I think I’ll add water right away… With water: extremely oily, with some pepper, some pepper, some pepper… and green lemons. And bitter oranges. It’s a wrestler that wouldn’t make your life easy, but I think that’s an asset. Finish: long, extremely peppery. Some kind of bitter limoncello in the aftertaste. Comments: a devilishly potent Benromach. I hate to write this but it’s not for beginners. Challenging, but in a great way. SGP:372 - 86 points.

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