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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

August 6, 2014


Tasting three probable Glenmorangie

Teaspooned, undisclosed, renamed, whatever, these should be Glenmos but the bottlers wouldn’t/couldn't tell.
Images of Tain 'Mansfield Castle' (53.2%, Malts of Scotland, +/-2014) Three starsActually this baby doesn’t say anything, all we know is that it’s Scottish malt whisky. No age, no vintage, no distillery that I can spot… And it’s not even a single malt. So probably Westport aka teaspooned Glenmorangie, as, you know, Tain…. Colour: orangey amber. Nose: orangey sherry ;-). A slight flinty side, orange zests, then hints of sangria, a wee touch of dusty earth, a few sultanas and a lot of tobacco… With water: same. A little warm wood. Mouth (neat): starts with a combination of pencil shavings and Cointreau or any orange liqueur, which isn’t very usual. Oak-aged triple-sec? There’s also quite some Demerara sugar and even drops of rhum agricole, as well as a little cumin. Unusual indeed. With water: rye? Really? It reminds me of some artisan Americans, something must have happened with the wood. Finish: long, spicy, gingery. Speculoos liqueur – should that exist. Comments: an interesting style, very ‘modern’. Some kind of wood technology may have been used at some point. SGP:452 – 81 points.
Westport 2004/2009 (57.8%, Malts of Scotland, Edition Feinschmecker 2013, sherry butt, cask #FS4) Three starsFeinschmecker isn’t the name of a Bayern Munich midfielder, the word means ‘gourmet’. Colour: bronze amber. Nose: an unusual one again, with rubber, exhaust fumes, plenty of damp earth, then branches and roots, then walnuts. A huge bag of walnuts. With water: notes of ale this time. Mouth (neat): it’s a big spicy / oaky sherry monster, rather more on spices than on fruits. Again, in my experience such big spices are rarely to be found in traditional sherried whiskies, but it works well. Oranges, aquavit, cinnamon, liquorice, ginger. With water: same plus a little mint and even more cinnamon. Finish: long, gingery. Quite some strong honey (I often quote chestnut.) Comments: the speculoos are back. Were some Belgians involved at some point? We love the Belgians at WF Towers. SGP:462 - 80 points. P.S. Can we have more Westvleteren and shrimp croquettes?
Westport 13 yo 1999/2014 (52.1%, The Whisky Agency, Liquid Library, refill hogshead, 156 bottles) Three stars and a half Colour: straw. Nose: light, crisp, rather floral, the exact opposite of the two previous ones. Notes of dill and fennel, cut apples, not-too-ripe kiwis, a little lemon…. It’s really cool to be able to nose Glenmo at its most natural. With water: an earthiness comes out, as almost always. Farmyard. Mouth (neat): really very good. It’s rather big for Glenmo, with an impressive oily mouth feel, some Cointreau again (Grand-Marnier if you prefer), apple juice, honeys and pollen, peaches and then more barley sweetness, but in no way it’s too sweet a dram. Excellent balance. With water: a fruit salad with some barley water and light honey. Finish: medium length. Honeyed apple juice. Comments: right, no mindboggling whisky, but quality’s high and it’s very approachable malt whisky. Keyword: easy. SGP:541 - 83 points.

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