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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

April 14, 2017


Fact-checking Some American whiskey

Pure madness today, let’s check if one particular American whiskey, namely ‘Old Ezra’, is indeed similar to genuine Old Ezra Brooks, a brand launched in 1960 according to Wikipedia. Of course this is not very serious, and indeed we’re doing this only for fun...

Ezra Brooks ‘Old Ezra’ 7 yo (50.5%, OB, Kentucky Straight Bourbon, +/-2016)

Ezra Brooks ‘Old Ezra’ 7 yo (50.5%, OB, Kentucky Straight Bourbon, +/-2016) Two stars and a half Some traditional sour mash bourbon made and bottled at Heaven Hill for brand owners Luxco, that are or just have built their own distillery, as it seems. I have to say I rather enjoyed an Ezra Brooks 12 yo single cask last year (WF 80). Colour: deep gold. Nose: not my style, but I enjoy. Sweet charred oak, butterscotch, custard, liquorice, whiffs of geranium and violet flowers, caramel and almond crunch, sweet buttered popcorn… I guess there’s a lot of corn/maize in this. Again, not my style but I do enjoy. Mouth: rather big, starting with a little spicy orange, as well as a touch of bready rye, and rather unfolding with a lot of caramel, vanilla, fudge, sweet popcorn again, milk chocolate, and rather more oranges again (sweets). Finish: medium, with rather more candy sugar and corn syrup, and yet it’s not too sugary/sweet. Peppered orange juice. Comments: I’m finding this really honest and loyal, especially given the price (around $20 In the US!) SGP:541 - 79 points.

Ezra Brooks ‘100 Months Old’ (90° US proof, OB, decanter, 1970)

Ezra Brooks ‘100 Months Old’ (90° US proof, OB, decanter, 1970) Four stars Doesn’t 100 sound larger than 8? There’s also the drawing and the name of a ship, ‘Old Ironsides’, embossed in the green glass. According to Wikipedia, it’s the other name for the USS Constitution (1798), which defeated the British frigate ‘Guerriere’ in 1812. The things you had to do to sell your booze in the mid-to-late 20th century! Colour: gold. Nose: really much nicer, but that may be good OBE. Many more fruits, especially bananas and pineapples, a lovely earthy dustiness, probably more rye, although I couldn’t be sure, obvious notes of café latte, and some perfect notes of artisan milk chocolate from Switzerland. With bits of roasted hazelnuts inside! And perhaps a little liquorice. Splendid nose. Mouth: same comments, this is, or it became, much more complex and ‘wide’ than the contemporary offering. Cinnamon rolls, grated nutmeg on mashed sweet potatoes, violet and lavender sweets, liquorice wood, wholegrain bread, spicy gingerbread… Loses a bit of steam after thirty seconds, but that’s quite normal, since this is a 47 years old bottle. Finish: medium, greatly bready, spicy, and orange-y. Perhaps a little soap in the aftertaste, perhaps a taste of light? Comments: I know people usually collect these decanters as ‘Americana items’, let’s only hope they don’t flush the lovely whiskey down the sink before putting the decanters on their shelves. SGP:461 - 87 points.

Conclusion: that old Old Ezra was our 12,500 whisky! Othr than that, did you really expect some conclusion?

(Thank you, Max)







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