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December 18, 2017


Glenury versus Glenugie

That G&M could still bottle an old Glenury Royal only a few years back was quite a miracle. Sadly, Glenury’s getting very scarce and there isn’t any left in WF’s Y.U.S.L (yet untested sample library), so I think we’ll go just a few miles north and make good use of an old Glenugie of very similar strength as its sparing partner…

Glenury Royal 1984/2012 (46%, Gordon & MacPhail, Rare Old, cask # R0/12/05)

Glenury Royal 1984/2012 (46%, Gordon & MacPhail, Rare Old, cask # R0/12/05) Five stars Ooh the 23 yo 1971 Rare Malt!  That was some Glenury! Colour: gold. Nose: should I write ‘typical’? I haven’t tasted hundreds of Glenuries, most sadly, but I do seem to recognise these whiffs of old toolboxes and copper coins, these notes of old leather jacket (old greasy biker jacket), this unusual blend of patchouli and mint tea, and above everything, this feeling of having just opened a 25-box of fine Cuban cigars. And then we have a little ham and perhaps even mutton suet. So unconventional by today’s standards! Mouth: aw, this is perfect. Rather more on anything from a beehive for a start, getting then rather orangey and orange-blossomy, and then more herbal, in a very complex way. Leek and chives, lovage, perhaps even a very wee touch of garlic. And then the sweeter, rounder notes do come back, with orange blossom honey and a wee bit of fig. Impeccable. Finish: medium long, complex, rather cigary again, but there’s quite a lot of earl grey tea in the aftertaste. Touches of juniper and cumin too. Comments: excellent. I think you could still find this one… And Christmas is near, and you do need a Glenury Royal. Not only because it’s, ach, royal! SGP:561 - 90 points.

Glenugie 28 yo 1977/2006 (45.5%, Signatory Vintage, hogshead, cask #5504, 228 bottles)

Glenugie 28 yo 1977/2006 (45.5%, Signatory Vintage, hogshead, cask #5504, 228 bottles) Four stars and a half So this is the sparring partner. Wonderful distillery, wonderful malt, sadly gone for good. Check pictures of the distillery on ze (still kind of free) Internet, it was quite amazing. Colour: gold. Nose: not quite a typical Glenugie, that is to say not a boldly fruity one at first nosing, rather a buttery one, with pastries, leaven, then bone marrow, custard, some kind of potato soup, mashed carrots… Perhaps touches of wet concrete and cardboard too… As they say, the jury’s still out… Mouth: ah yes, sparkles of Glenugieness! Which means tangerines, citrons, blood oranges, and the wackiest guavas. In truth this palate has nothing to do with the nose, it’s even quite extraordinary. No other malt whisky has or had Glenugie’s very typical fruitiness. I can even find some fruity hops… Right, good IPA. Finish: medium, all on those fruits. Fruits that are just about to start to rot… Comments: it’s hard to score a whisky that’s got a nose and a palate that are so deviant from each other. What’s sure is that I adored the palate. SGP:651 - 88 points.






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