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June 11, 2017


Malternatives the quest goes on

So that would be more rum, always more rum, and at total random once again. Well…

German or Swiss ad for Coruba, circa 1960. 'Helps heating/warming up' >>>

Coruba ‘N.P.U.’ (74%, OB, Jamaica, +/-2017)

Coruba ‘N.P.U.’ (74%, OB, Jamaica, +/-2017) Three starsSome Jamaican blend, popular in Middle-Europa, and bottled for nightclub fighters, apparently. Let’s see if some high-esters are to be found amongst the high degrees… I have to say the Coruba 25 had been excellent (WF 86) but of course, this is much younger… Colour: pale white wine. Nose: yes sir! Big, raw, congeneric, very cane-y and very olive-y. Fermenting bananas, UHU glue, ether… But boy it’s strong! With water: well, it’s fine, but it’s lost a large part of its character. Tropical rainwater. Mouth (neat): burns your throat as sure as 1+1=2. Insane, even as the tiniest amounts enter your mouth… Do you know Stroh? Quick, water… With water: no, even more water. With more water: good, Jamaican for sure, water did not kill it as much as it did on the nose. Brine, tar, varnish, rotting exotic fruits, liquorice, bitter leaves, salt, lemon… Finish: Comments: NPU means Non Plus Ultra. Not too sure about that, but it’s, indeed, once of the most extreme spirits out there, and I’ve heard Caribbean Airlines are using this when they run out of kerosene. But I like it, even if I like Worthy Park’s ‘Rum Bar’ better. SGP:472 - 80 points.

Caroni 16 yo ‘Ancient Mariner’ (54%, Trinidad, +/-2012)

Caroni 16 yo ‘Ancient Mariner’ (54%, Trinidad, +/-2012) Four stars Indeed, Caroni, bottled by a Scottish company, apparently. Well I would have written ‘Caroni’ in bolder letters on the label, but that’s just me. Anyway, let’s see whether this is light or heavy Caroni… Colour: deep gold. Nose: strange, something may have happened. Some finishing or something, or the use of some ex-Inchmurrin casks, or even some clear peaters… In fact, it’s a great nose, it’s just not extremely ‘Caroni’, and it’s not totally ‘rum’ either. There’s quite some oak, bananas, and boxes and boxes of cigars. Intriguing… With water: lovely, camphor, menthol, eucalyptus, plasticine, cedar wood… Mouth (neat): excellent. Dry, not sugary at all, with a lot of cedar wood and even more liquorice, then kumquats and some kind of tarry smoke again. Like it a lot, even if it’s a little ‘un-Caroni’. Now, we all know Caronis vary. With water: a mentholy and extremely liquoricy oakiness is coming out, all for our good (provided you enjoy liquorice as much as I do). Finish: long, on liquorice, dried bananas, and tobacco. Comments: some characterful spirit, quite different from the other Caronis. SGP:363 - 87 points.

Darsa 9 yo 2007/2013 (43%, Compagnie des Indes, cask #GOS13, 371 bottles)

Darsa 9 yo 2007/2013 (43%, Compagnie des Indes, Guatemala, cask #GOS13, 371 bottles) Three stars and a half To tell you the truth, the name ‘Guatemala’ is extremely scary, and Darsa – or rather D.A.R.S.A. – is actually the plant where they make the much sugared, solera-ed and marketed Z. and B. (you know what they are, don’t you). So yeah, scared, but it’s also a bottling by Compagnie des Indes, which should mean that there’s something special here. Un-tampered-with Zacapa, anyone? Colour: gold. Nose: a soft, rather rounded, not dull, just very moderately aromatic rum. Panettone, orange blossom honey, cane syrup, fresh brioche, lime juice, tinned peaches… In truth, it’s fairly complex, and most interesting. Mouth: good! Soft citrus, fresh nuts, papayas, vanilla, more cane syrup, lilies, gentle cinnamon cake… The softness is wonderful, I think. Finish: this is where it loses it a bit, it’s becoming a little thin, without many clear and defined flavours. Sugar cane? Comments: why murder this very lovely rum (when in its natural state)? Very well done, Compagnie des Indes! SGP:640 - 83 points.

Cadenhead's Classic Rum (50%, Cadenhead, blend, +/-2017)

Cadenhead's Classic Rum (50%, Cadenhead, blend, +/-2017) Three stars and a half Rum from the Caribbean, blended by some Campbeltowners. What could go wrong? Colour: amber. Nose: goes into many directions, which screams ‘I’m a blend!’ indeed. Sugar cane, hints of copper, vegetal earth, liquorice, tobacco, some banana cake, one olive, and one drop of brake fluid for good measure. Not particularly ‘high-esters’, but it’s got something to say. Mouth: all pretty good, once again it’s slightly indefinite, but all the liquorice is growing on you, while notes of pipe tobacco, dried figs and bananas, and plain molasses are completing the picture. A touch of tar as well, Jamaican style. Finish: quite long, rather rounded, and pretty more-ish. Lovely oranges in the aftertaste. Comments: perfect rum to sip without thinking too much about it. Alternatively, you could use it to replace all the junk rums around that usually go into cocktails. Fake premium and such… SGP:542 - 83 points.

Worthy Park 12 yo 2005/2017 (53.4%, Liquid Treasures and The Whisky Mercenary, 226 bottles)

Worthy Park 12 yo 2005/2017 (53.4%, Liquid Treasures and The Whisky Mercenary, Jamaica, 226 bottles) Five stars This had to happen, whisky people are going bananas these days when any Jamaican rum is in sight (I mean Worthy Park and Hampden). Who could blame them (us)? Colour: gold. Nose: ah, a relatively mild one. There is brine, tar, olives and natural rubber, but there are also soft spices, caraway, curry, even sweet mustard… May I ask, ex-whisky cask again? With water: humus! Love humus! Mouth (neat): oh this is excellent! Starts very medicinal, with some mercurochrome, a lot of tiger balm, cloves, camphor, thyme… And gets then rounder, with some spicy marmalade, Szechuan pepper, and certainly quite some dried bananas. A feeling of peat in the background, but I may be dreaming. With water: shall we call this ‘a Port Ellen of Jamaica?’ It’s this soft tarry side that’s impressive. Please call the anti-rumporn brigade asap! Finish: Comments: a big, yet softer Worthy Park, really very complex. I’d love to be able to try this after thirty years of bottle ageing. Highly recommended, this one makes you travel to Jamaica… and Islay. SGP:453 - 91 points.

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