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March 15, 2017


Two 1990 Bladnoch

Since we had a harsh and tough Bladnoch session quite a few weeks ago, and whilst the new ‘square’ OBs never reached my doorstep (and while frankly, I’m not that interested anyway), I thought we could try to re-enhance the name’s reputation at WF Towers, with these two new indie 1990s. And let’s not forget that, good news, Bladnoch’s stills will be fired again this year.

Bladnoch 1990/2016 ‘Apple Syllabub’ (46%, Wemyss Malts, hogshead, 196 bottles)

Bladnoch 1990/2016 ‘Apple Syllabub’ (46%, Wemyss Malts, hogshead, 196 bottles) Four stars and a half It’s getting hard to find new names after a few hundred bottlings, isn’t it? Colour: straw. Nose: I doubt I’ve ever tried some syllabub, even after a long and shady London night, but if a syllabub noses like this Bladnoch, it’s a nice desert. Typical lemony nose, with added whiffs of lotus, jasmine, and probably an all-flower bouquet. Lemon curd, then more fresh oak, but without any very ordinary vanilla or coconut. Yeah! Mouth: wonderful and totally and utterly Bladnochian. So very citrusy, then a little herbal, then delicately mentholated. There is a little coconut this time, but we’re way below the limits of Malibu-ness. So to speak. Lemongrass, spearmint… I’m very fond of this palate. Finish: medium, very fresh, superbly citrusy/mentholy. Thyme tea. Comments: there used to be a 8 yo cream label that did taste like this, more or less. Me very happy to have found an excellent new natural Bladnoch. SGP:651 - 89 points.

Bladnoch 1990/2016 (47.2%, Sansibar and S Spirits Shop, sherry)

Bladnoch 1990/2016 (47.2%, Sansibar and S Spirits Shop, sherry) Five stars Sherry? Hope any fresh Bladnochness wasn’t lost, let’s see… Colour: gold. Nose: not at all, the sherry’s whispering low, as dear Art Blakey would have said. Same wonderful fresh citrusy explosion, although this one would rather go towards oranges than lemons. Excuse me? Ah yes, grapefruits. Perhaps a little more earthy oak and tobacco, probably from the different wood. Mouth: exceptional arrival, very refreshing (which is very dangerous), on blue-green tea, grapefruits indeed, lime blossom tea, and the softest natural vanilla… Some greener notes do appear after one minute, but all of them are just as fresh. Apple peelings, fresh nuts (the sherry?)… What’s sure is that this is quite sublime. Finish: medium, gracefully herbal and lemony. Perfect bitterer aftertaste, with some menthol. You’re having some cough drop in your mouth. Comments: it sometimes reminded me of those brilliant 1988-1992 indie Irish. I hope the best indie bottlers will have more from these batches in 2017 (both the Irish and the Bladnochs ;-)). SGP:661 - 90 points.

Bladnoch has advanced dramatically in my little book today, thanks to Wemyss and Sansibar.

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