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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

January 13, 2017


Two humble Japanese blends

Two newish NAS Japanese blends that are actually quite expensive. Not much hope, but let’s try them with an open mind…

Yamazakura (40%, OB, Japanese blend, +/-2016)

Yamazakura (40%, OB, Japanese blend, +/-2016) Two starsThis one from Sasanokawa Shuzo Distillery. I don’t think such a distillery exists, though, this is more or less the same situation as that of quite a few ‘distilleries’ in the US. What some call  ‘NDPs’, meaning non-distilling producers. Oh and I would love to know what Suntory and Yamazaki are thinking of this venture. Colour: gold. Nose: very dry, cardboardy, with some pear (youth!) that makes it a little nicer, but the whole remains very simple. Mouth: hot, cardboardy, spirity, with salty touches. A grassy and bitter side that’s rather unpleasant. Finish: short, with more pears – which is a little better. Comments: kind of acceptable, and the bottle is lovely. But at 50€, I think it’s two times too expensive for what it is. SGP:341 - 70 points.

Super Nikka ‘Revival’ (43%, OB, Japanese blend, +/-2016)

Super Nikka ‘Revival’ (43%, OB, Japanese blend, +/-2016) Two stars and a half Some kind of expensive replica bottling that’s ‘guaranteed matured in wood’ on the label. And of course, both ‘rare’ and ‘old’. Colour: gold. Nose: in truth this is relatively ‘nice’. Dry and cardboardy, as expected, but there are some fruits. Pears, for example. And cut grass. I’m not feeling very inspired. Perhaps a little cedar wood? Mouth: relatively good, rather spicy, but still a little tea-ish and cardboardy. Notes of caramel and corn syrup. A little malt as well, kumquats… Indeed, relatively good. Finish: a little short, but pleasantly cake-y. Some honey and lemon liqueur in the aftertaste. Comments: a very good blend for sure, but I’m not sure it’s worth 50-60€. SGP:451 - 78 points.

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