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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

July 21, 2017


Whisky from the GDR!

After all those crazy Kavalans, this is going to be a solo session, as I haven’t found anything ‘smart’ enough to stack up against this strange, intriguing whisky…

Whisky of GDR 24 yo before 1989/2013 (59.8%, Regensburger Whisky Club, single cask, 85 bottles)

Whisky of GDR 24 yo before 1989/2013 (59.8%, Regensburger Whisky Club, single cask, 85 bottles) Four stars and a half The exact year when this whisky from the German Democratic Republic was distilled is unknown, but history tells us that that couldn’t have been after 1989. If I understand everything it probably stemmed from a long forgotten cask from the Falckenthal Söhne Distillery, where they used to make Der Falckner, an East-German brand that I’ve already tasted in the past (it was not horrible at all, WF 70). Colour: full amber. Nose: hey, this is surprisingly nice! Starts with peonies, ripe raspberries, marmalade and Vicks’ best, goes on with more vanilla, brioche and butterscotch, and goes more towards a blend of lighter grain whisky (maize) with sweet rum. Very nice tarry/honeyed background, behind more and more buttered popcorn.

With water: lovely, really lovely. More buttered popcorn, kugelhopf, Macadamia nuts, halva… They must have used a very good cask. Mouth (neat): very strong, a bit harsh. Kirschenwasser and more popcorn, with a few raisins and something varnishy/bitter in the back. But it’s still surprisingly good… With water: much better. Excellent tobacco notes, thyme tea, gritty liquorice, and old walnuts. A little bitter oak as well, but that’s fine. Also very dried raisins.

Finish: long, rather more tea-ish, and that’s the oak speaking out. Earthier and rootier aftertaste, while the raisins are back. Comments: exactly not a Trabant of the whisky world. I’m very surprised, and thoroughly impressed. But I guess this very rare bottling has become ‘unfindable’, Donnerwetter! SGP:462 - 88 points.

(And danke schön, Phil!)







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