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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

January 27, 2017


Young and old Strathisla

Both by G&M, naturally, as they’re also the best Strathisla specialists. While the owners don’t seem to be willing to do much out of Strathisla – which might be good news given what they’ve just done with (to) Longmorn, that is to say instantly kill any goodwill towards the brand by pathetically trying to price a new 23 years old at around 1,300€ (lol lol lol), and by raising the price of the humble 16 yo by around 60% or even more. Pure Mortlachian drunk marketing if you ask me, they should go back to cocaine, if it all goes on like this there will soon be one single Scottish brand that won't be 'luxury', The Claymore. But back to those fairly priced Strathislas that are much worthier of our respect and empathy…

Strathisla 2005/2015 (43%, Gordon & MacPhail, licensed bottling)

Strathisla 2005/2015 (43%, Gordon & MacPhail, licensed bottling) Three stars and a half Isn’t it refreshing that they would still use the same old – and lovely – label? It’s true that since everybody else is going retro or fake retro, there’s no need to change anything. Well done! Colour: white wine. Nose: oh perfect. Cut apples, dandelions, colza honey, white cherries, marshmallows, wee bits of chalk, and a few drops of lemonade. Mouth: good sweet malt whisky, starting with quite some café latte and custard, and going on with a spoonful of Ovaltine, as well as a handful of jelly babies, Haribo style. Finish: quite long, with even more café latte. I’d even say Nescafé, or even chicory. Comments: a bit simple, but extremely good. Love this funny feeling of instant coffee. SGP:541 - 84 points.

Down 52 years…

Strathisla 1953/2012 (43%, Gordon & MacPhail, Speyside Collection, cask #1614, first fill sherry butt, 258 bottles)

Strathisla 1953/2012 (43%, Gordon & MacPhail, Speyside Collection, cask #1614, first fill sherry butt, 258 bottles) Four stars I can’t wait, let’s try it… Colour: amber. Nose: we’re visiting an antique shop, with these whiffs of furniture polish, precious woods (rose, teak, snakewood – yes made that one up), old curtains, turpentine, linseed oil, carbolinium, opening an old wardrobe that had remained closed for decades… Oops, almost forgot to mention the obligatory fruitcake. A little parsley too, marrow soup… The whole remains quite dry all along. Mouth: I think it was bottled at the right time, just before the oak would have taken over. It’s rather chocolate-dominated, with really a lot of cinnamon and black tea, but a few fruits keep singing high and clear, especially oranges and plums. I’m also finding quite a lot of herbal teas, rosehip, thyme… Finish: medium, dry, and a little drying. As when you left the teabag in the teapot for a little too long. Comments: I think I liked this rare old glory almost just the same. SGP:471 - 85 points.

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