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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

September 26, 2018


Two new Glenfiddich

We’re just back from Whisky Live Paris, yet another great edition even if the whiskies keep getting younger and more expensive simultaneously, a trend that has been generating a wee feeling of scissors (effect) for quite a few years now. But that’s the whole market, not specifically Paris. Anyway, all people very cool, just not some wee distillers up there way beyond Wick up in the North. Really, boo, but let’s forget about that (I don’t have any blacklists at WF, perhaps I should) and have something cooler and much, much funnier…

Glenfiddich ‘Fire & Cane’ (43%, OB, Experimental Series #4, 2018)

Glenfiddich ‘Fire & Cane’ (43%, OB, Experimental Series #4, 2018) Four stars
A very funny one. You see I don’t always need an age statement when there is some fun. So, this new Glenfiddich is a vatting – I would guess they say a marriage – of peated Glenfiddich with ex-bourbon regular GF, the whole having been finished in some rum wood. And why not? After all, we’ve already seen some rum finished in ex-Islay wood (at HSE’s). Oh and some Armagnac finished in Ledaig (soon on WF!) Colour: gold. Nose: funny indeed. Something very medicinal, tiger balm, Thai embrocations, Thai basil while we’re at it (no, really), and notes of bergamots and yuzu, I would say. There’s been some integration here, you do not have the feeling of ‘two whiskies in one’. Mouth: first the roundness, second the peppy smoke, and third a pleasing feeling of smoked sultanas. Some eucalyptus-flavoured toffee, perhaps? Tends to get a wee notch too peppery for me, but that is nothing. Good body, the 43% work here. Finish: rather long, curiously salty at times, certainly smoky. Peppery oakiness again in the aftertaste, that’s fine. Comments: oh let’s have some fun! Even if this little Glenfiddich may lose you a bit at times, while being less sweet that I had thought.
SGP:453 - 85 points.

Glenfiddich 21 yo ‘Winter Storm Batch No. Two’ (43%, OB, ice wine finish, 2018)

Glenfiddich 21 yo ‘Winter Storm Batch No. Two’ (43%, OB, ice wine finish, 2018) Four stars
I did enjoy the first batch quite a lot (WF 85). Mind you, ice wine! We used to make ice wine in Alsace too, and we still do but we can’t call them like that anymore because of some kind of trade agreement with our Canadian cousins. No, we don’t have maple trees. Colour: gold. Nose: ah, I remember, these notes of iced apples, or late-harvest apple wine (which they also make in Canada), then quince jelly, apricot pie, guava juice… All that over some sponge cake and a wee touch of earthy tea. A very fine nose, just like last time with batch 1. Mouth: they really managed not to make it too sweet, or too cloying. Herbal teas, fresh walnuts, oranges, then a little melon, perhaps. Really very fine. Touches of orange blossom water, a little nutmeg and raw cinnamon, possibly from the wine casks… In short, it’s as fine as I remembered it. Finish: rather long, just a notch gritty/grassy. Not particularly sweet. Comments: I think it’s the same juice as batch #1, and I know from some high-ranked source that this is the last batch, so that there will be no more. I really like the fact that Glenfiddich manage to make ‘experimental’ expressions that remain coherent and not just, well, ‘hey, let’s try this!’
SGP:551 - 85 points.

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