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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

January 11, 2019


Little duos, today Glen Mhor

I agree this won’t be extremely useful, but I always enjoy tasting long gone names, even if the three old Inverness distilleries (Glen Albyn, Glen Mhor, Millburn) never quite filled me with a lot of enthusiasm. Having said that, Glen Mhor remains my favourite…

Glen Mhor 1978 (65.3%, Gordon & MacPhail, CASK, 75cl, +/-1988)

Glen Mhor 1978 (65.3%, Gordon & MacPhail, CASK, 75cl, +/-1988) Four stars
An early young ‘CASK’ by G&M. I remember the version for Intertrade in Italy was ‘extremely extreme’ (WF 70), so tremble mere mortal (err, that would be me…) Colour: pale gold. Nose: pwerkk! Old musty cardboard, fermenting hay, long dead mice (yes I’m an expert, just ask Jack Wiebers), plasticine, crushed pine needles, brake fluid and brake pad dust, carbon paper, ink, new vinyl LPs… Oh well, oh well… With water: ah! Perhaps a little marrow and bouillon at first, and a drop of soy sauce, but other than that, what a wonderful lemony/mentholy development! Lemon oil. Mouth (neat): ah, this is much nicer! I’m finding wonderful lemons and an overall very tangy profile, even if this very peculiar sourness in the back (rancid fruits) reminds us that this is Glen Mhor. Concentrated Sprite and pressed pine wood. With water: yeah! Grapefruits and lemons plus a salty touch and a spoonful of grass juice. By the way, as many G&Ms do or did, it gets very cloudy when reduced. Finish: long, rather very grassy, not the easiest part. Pine-y and lemony aftertaste, almost a blend of chartreuse and limoncello. Comments: many malts do taste the same today, but things used to be different in the old days. This is a good example of a very ‘different’ and certainly hugely uncommercial malt whisky. A bit moving, I have to say.
SGP:362 - 87 points.

Glen Mhor 26 yo 1965/1991 (56.4%, Signatory Vintage, cask #202, 300 bottles)

Glen Mhor 26 yo 1965/1991 (56.4%, Signatory Vintage, cask #202, 300 bottles) Four stars and a half
I think we tried this one before, but who cares, it’s a very old Glen Mhor. Colour: coffee. Nose: some kind of dry coffee-schnapps, with some kirsch, some leather, some tobacco, and many leaves and teas, while the foundations remain a little cardboardy and chalky. Walnut stain from the sherry cask, possibly a genuine ex-solera butt. With water: gets really meaty and on marrow, as well as a little metallic, which is not unseen either. Old copper coins, penny book… Mouth (neat): huge, almost monstrous. Heavy-duty sherry, prunes, raisins, pu-erh tea, earth, dried dates, Armagnac, even Calvados… In short some genuine pre-Brexit malt whisky! Ha. With water: really good. Artisanal chocolate, orange liqueur, coffee, and malt extract. A lost recipe, I would say, no one makes this kind of slightly deviant malt anymore, not even Springbank. Okay, perhaps Springbank. Finish: long, a tad too pine-y now. Geraniums, cassis buds, a wee bit of dirty fruitiness in the aftertaste, perhaps… Comments: looks like I forgot to mention umami! And glutamate!
SGP:462 - 88 points.

(Thank you Carsten and Tom)

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