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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

March 6, 2019


Time Warp

The Time Warp Sessions,
today Glenrothes

Plenty of Glenrothes around, although for some very odd reasons, we haven’t seen much of the newish officials around these lands. But the indies have a lot of great ones... Let’s find something, first a young one...

Glenrothes 22 yo 1996/2018 (48.7%, Maltbarn, sherry cask, 187 bottles)

Glenrothes 22 yo 1996/2018 (48.7%, Maltbarn, sherry cask, 187 bottles) Four stars
I agree it’s not young, but doesn’t 1996 sound like yesterday? Comes with a photograph of the distillery’s mashman on the label (when this was distilled). Colour: pale gold. Nose: malt, barley, butterscotch, shortbread, Golden Grahams, buttered sweetcorn, brioche, milk chocolate, energy bar, overripe apple, just one tiny raisin. Classic. Mouth: excellent, some ultra-classic totally malty extravaganza. Roasted pecans, peanut butter, sesame oil, marmalade, earl grey tea, black nougat (watch your teeth), praline, chicory, a tiny glass of Guinness (that’s what’s good when you’re an amateur, you may quote any brand names)... Finish: rather long, malty, a little more chocolaty. Toblerone (there) with a wee bit of Mars bar (there) and something too sweet by Kellog’s (there). No, this beautiful Glenrothes isn’t too sweet. Some mocha in the aftertaste. Excuse me? Okay, Illy’s Moka. Comments: very good. As good as truffle pesto. I mean, Sacla's Black Truffle Pesto (there).
SGP:551 - 87 points.

And so an old one, we said... Oh and let’s rather make it an OB!

Glenrothes 28 yo 1947/1975 (75° proof, OB)

Glenrothes-Glenlivet 28 yo 1947/1975 (75° proof, OB) Four stars
Another amazing bottle by the Highland Distilleries Company (now Edrington) that I had never seen before. Ever. It was distilled when Glenrothes Distillery was much smaller than it is today, with only four stills instead of ten. It is also to be noted that the stills were direct-fired, as they only switched to steam heating in 1963. Not sure about their maltings, having said that, but I suppose they were still malting themselves in 1947. I'd also add that while many wrote that the first official vintage bottling ever was 1979, this lovely little bottle proves otherwise, unless it's actually an indie bottling in disguise. Colour: amber. Nose: mushrooms and mosses at first, with touches of deep-baked beans and many old books. Clearly OBE-ed, but no accident so far. Old balms and embrocations, pinesap, pine needles, chestnut burr, then more and more and more freshly roasted coffee beans, as well as drops of soy sauce and beef bouillons, Bovril, Viandox, Oxo and ‘stuff’. You see what I mean. Mouth: mirroring the nose, word for word and flavour for aroma. Salty bouillon, chestnut purée, butternut squash soup, white beans, old pine liqueur that went dry, cough medicine, coffee (no sugar!), and certainly quite some umami. A wee touch of paraffin that’s a little out of context, but that’s often to be found in these old bottles. Gets drier after oxygenation, and perhaps a little bitter. Finish: rather long, very meaty and salty. You could pour this over your tortellinis! Comments: I’ve very happy I could try this very meaty old glory.
SGP:372 - 86 points.

(Merci encore et encore, Angus!)

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