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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

May 23, 2019



Wee battles,
today Glen Keith

Angus just sent this one and we shall retaliate!



Glen Keith 23 yo 1993/2016 (48.6%, The Whisky Agency ‘Art Nouveau Ladies’, hogshead, 140 bottles)

Glen Keith 23 yo 1993/2016 (48.6%, The Whisky Agency ‘Art Nouveau Ladies’, hogshead, 140 bottles)
Colour: straw. Nose: an easy fruity one, ripe banana, guava, melon, some juice from a fruit salad bowl and then leafier, greener aspects beyond that. Some hints of pineapple, apple juice, sultana, nutmeg grated over rice pudding and a sprig of fresh mint. The height of easiness in malt whisky, I find it hard to imagine anyone not finding pleasure in this kind of nose. Goes on with a few wee hints of tonic water and orange vitamin tablets. Mouth: a surprisingly rich cereal and malty profile up front. Lots of juicy malt, lemon barley water, light cough syrups, dried mint, pastis, retsina wine, a touch of eucalyptus, mirabelle, young calvados and some softer earthy tones. Once again, who could be against this? Characterful while also extremely easy going. Finish: good length and rather honied with green fruit syrups, pear drops, candy floss and still plenty of plush cereals and some toast. bready notes. Comments: What more can you say? Easy, fruity, natural malt whisky at the right age. No shortage of enjoyment to be had here.
SGP: 551 - 87 points.




All right Angus, very well, let me retaliate with something unusual… Very heavy artillery!

Glen Keith 1968/2018 (52.8%, Gordon & MacPhail for Whisky Warehouse, cask #7893, 42 bottles)

Glen Keith 1968/2018 (52.8%, Gordon & MacPhail Exclusive to Whisky Warehouse, cask #7893, 42 bottles) Four stars
This one is 50, more or less! This wee baby came in a classic decanter that would just astound your old aunt. It is to be remembered that Glen Keith was built (very close to Strathisla) between 1957 and  1960 and used to triple-distil its whiskies until around 1970, although those data would be a little uncertain and, as usual, depend on your sources of information. In short, this one should have been triple-distilled using three stills, but we have no iron-clad proof and we shall not ask owners Pernod. Colour: full amber. Nose: cakes and dried fruits! I could not tell you whether this was double or triple distilled, but dried figs, pears and dates do abound. Also milk chocolate, vieille prune, notes of armagnac and cognac, fresh turon, halva… All that is pretty beautiful. With water: full of teak oil, sailcloth, compost, and really a lot of proper black tea from China. A mysterious, subtle, and very lovely nose. Now, as usual with these old whiskies, it’s on your palate that things may go awry… Mouth (neat): right, the oak really feels here. Heavy sappiness, thuja, black tobacco, teas, salty pine liqueurs, Jägermeister and Unicum and ‘stuff’, Fernet Branca… With water: no, careful, water would wreck such an old malt more often than never. Tea, cardboard, wood. Finish: medium, sappy, resinous. Nice but do not touch your pipette (let alone your teaspoon). Comments: a bit like listening to baroque. You ought to love it but between you and you, you rather don’t. But the nose was splendid!
SGP:371 - 85 points.

Angus, I tried super-hard, but looks like you won this one. Now vengeance is a dish...

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