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November 30, 2020


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Lomond not from Loch Lomond

You may remember that both Miltonduff and Glenburgie Distilleries did install Lomond stills around the early 1960s, to feed the blends made by their owner, Hiram Walker. Actually, Glenburgie used to produce ‘Glencraig’ from 1958 to 1981, while Miltonduff made ‘Mosstowie’ from 1964 to 1981. Those Lomond stills had been invented by Hiram Walker themselves and consisted in pot stills used for batch distillation while being fitted with columns instead of regular necks. I say they look like church candles. Other distilleries have been using, or are still using Lomond stills, such as Loch Lomond, Scapa, or Inverleven (later Bruichladdich).   

Mosstowie 40 yo 1979/2020 (49.8%, Gordon & MacPhail ‘125th Anniversary’, refill sherry hogshead, cask #20323, 164 bottles)

Mosstowie 40 yo 1979/2020 (49.8%, Gordon & MacPhail ‘125th Anniversary’, refill sherry hogshead, cask #20323, 164 bottles) Four stars and a half
So this one was made at Miltonduff. Colour: gold. Nose: much, much more than just a curiosity, and an arrival that would be rather all on subtle saps and resins, perhaps pink bananas, then beeswax indeed, earl grey and baklavas, other oriental pastries, putty, marzipan and some high-end green/blue tea, Wulong, perhaps even white tea (tips)…  The subtlety is just very charming, this one never shouts out, and yet it’s absolutely not ‘empty’, this is not grain whisky at all – despite the use of columns. After ten minutes, more custard with some genuine, natural vanilla. Not lab vanilla. Mouth: many teas, I would say. The Wulong got stronger, we’re also finding chamomile and linden tea, certainly orange blossom, then vivid notes of pistachios (pistachio syrup, love it or hate it – I adore), grapefruit skins, and a rather soft, greenish, resinous oak. I would have said mizunara a.k.a. Mongolian oak, but I don’t think they had invented it yet. I mean, for coopering. There’s more and more green tea, while some funny touches of strawberry sweets start to make it through. Funny indeed, but not uncommon in my book. Finish: perhaps a tad short but still charming. Turkish delights, marzipan, mint-flavoured nougat… Comments: charming, subtle whisky indeed. Again, much more than just a curiosity.
SGP:461 - 89 points.

Glencraig 44 yo 1975/2020 (54.2%, Gordon & MacPhail ‘125th Anniversary’, refill hogshead, cask #9868, 110 bottles)

Glencraig 44 yo 1975/2020 (54.2%, Gordon & MacPhail ‘125th Anniversary’, refill hogshead, cask #9868, 110 bottles) Five stars
So Glenburgie this time. Colour: gold. Nose: looks like they were filling great woods at that time, this time we’re finding some slightly mentholated custard and flowers at first – especially wisteria – while it would then become ‘beehive-y’, rather in the style of those great Glen Grants or Caperdonichs from the same vintages. Honeys, beeswax, old pinewood, furniture polish, then raisins, propolis, lip balm, a touch of pineapple, perhaps, bananas, lady’s night cream, moisturizer, touch of camphor… With water: teak oil, sauna, wood extracts, eucalyptus, menthol cigarettes (I always mention Kool but I’m not even sure the brand still exists), and just loads of herbal teas. Linden first (relieves high blood pressure, calms anxiety, and soothes digestion, they say on the Internet.) Mouth (neat): bingo. More of anything from a hive, especially propolis, then herbal teas, honeys, bidis, then crème brulée flavoured with orange blossom water. And once again, the best natural vanilla there is. With water: I had thought it would get a little drying, but not at all. Same honeys and teas, which is just extremely lovely. Finish: medium, on similar flavours, plus a little more mint again. Comments: as greatly fresh as some malt whisky can be at forty-four years of age. Where are all those old Lomond stills? Some may be making rum these days… Anyway, I believe these two celebratory old whiskies have also demonstrated all the glory of perfect refill casks.
SGP:561 - 90 points.


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