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November 12, 2013


Trying Kilkerran bourbon vs. sherry

I can't try them all but I've liked some earlier batches of Kilkerran aka Glengyle, especially Batch #3 from 2011 (WF 88). They have now one bourbon and one sherry version, like they used to do with Longrow 'Phase Two' around ten or twelve years ago.

Kilkerran 9 yo 2004/2013 'Work in Progress - Bourbon Wood' (46%, OB, batch #5)

Kilkerran 9 yo 2004/2013 'Work in Progress - Bourbon Wood' (46%, OB, batch #5) Five stars I always liked Springbank/Cadenhead's way of writing 'matured in oak' on their bottles. Or maybe do they still have chestnut wood? Colour: white wine. Nose: yes! It's got this typical sooty profile that's also only to be found at Springbank, it's to be wondered if it's not 'in the air' over there in Campbeltown, just like 'flor/jaune yeast' in Jura or Jerez. So soot, wet sand and gravel, sour apples, high-quality artisan yoghurt, ale, old wood, damp cellar, mushrooms and quite some freshly ground grey pepper, which is very peculiar... Love this nose. Mouth: love this palate even more. Everything is perfect, the oranges, tangerines, tar, smoke, grains, spices, ashes, liquorice, lemon, grape seed oil, the mineral side... Just between us, I don't think it's 'WIP' anymore. Unless that means Wonderfully Interesting Petrol ;-). Finish: long, on the same flavours. I mean, long and perfect. Comments: considering the current avalanche of depersonalised NAS oak/wine bombs that taste all the same (right, more or less), this stylish Kilkerran is amazingly refreshing. Kudos. SGP:552 - 91 points.

Kilkerran 9 yo 2004/2013 'Work in Progress - Sherry Wood' (46%, OB, batch #5)

Kilkerran 9 yo 2004/2013 'Work in Progress - Sherry Wood' (46%, OB, batch #5) Three stars and a half Colour: straw. Nose: there aren't many differences with the bourbon version, this is actually lightly sherried. Let's say it's a slightly rounder version, I think it's lost a part of the bourbon's charming old style profile. The added touches of bitter oranges won't change much to that feeling. Mouth: works better, adds honey and oranges. I still like the BB better because it's cleaner and leaner, but this is surely excellent. Finish: long, on oranges, soot, pepper and other spices. Comments: I should have tried this lovely baby before the bourbon, that's all I can say. SGP:551 - 84 points.

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