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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

July 17, 2013


Two smashing Miltonduff.
There’s always hope in life.

I have to admit I haven’t got much to say about Miltonduff. It used to be a big name in Italy in the 1970s and 1980s, probably because of some skilled salespersons, but then it seems that the owners stopped pushing it.

Miltonduff 30 yo 1980/2010 (46%, Mo Or Collection, bourbon hogshead, cask #12431, 321 bottles)

Miltonduff 30 yo 1980/2010 (46%, Mo Or Collection, bourbon hogshead, cask #12431, 321 bottles) Five stars Colour: gold. Nose: I think 30 years old is the perfect age for malt whisky matured in not-too-lazy-not-too-active oak, and this is another fine example. I think Samaroli had similar casks, this is very complex, slightly shy and very elegant whisky. So we have dozens of herbal teas, rather on the anise-y side (caraway, aniseed, fennel and such), also lime and orange blossom, then more almond oil, olive oil and argan oil (I swear to sweet Vishnu). I also enjoy this growing leafy/grassy side, making it resemble an old Habanero. Old Lusitania, anyone? What a nose! Mouth: superb! Almost a revelation, with a perfect combination of spicy, herbal and fruity notes. Ultra-complex whisky, so totally un-modern, without what may kill malt whisky in the coming decades: excessive vanilla. My opinion… Finish: long, perfect, with just the right amount of everything. Sucking a cigar that was dipped into honey (ma que horror!) Only the aftertaste is a notch too dry and bitter. Comments: it’s confirmed, there are/were absolute gems in this Mo Or series! Sheer class at a perfect drinking strength. SGP:462 - 91 points.

Miltonduff-Glenlivet 22 yo 1990/2012 (56.7%, Cadenhead, wine cask, Claret)

Miltonduff-Glenlivet 22 yo 1990/2012 (56.7%, Cadenhead, wine cask, Claret) Five stars Claret is the name that the Britons used to use for Bordeaux, so I guess this is from a Bordeaux cask. Colour: gold. Nose: what is this? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy this quite a lot, but it’s unusual. Campari-Orange? Bellini cocktail? Blood oranges? Pink grapefruits? Indeed we’re not quite in classic malt territories but I have to say it’s all very much to my liking so far (says the guy who looks for his gun as soon as he sees red wine in whisky). Bah, the colour wasn’t pink anyway ;-)… With water: more of the same, which is great news. Maybe did the Campari-ish side get even louder? Mouth (neat): I love to be proven wrong as far as whisky’s concerned, and indeed this is a wine cask that worked perfectly well. Did they use 1945 Lafite? 1986 Mouton? Perfect Seville oranges blended with ginger and red berries. Indeed, works extremely well. With water: oh! Water (my usual Vittel) made it extremely thick and syrupy, in a good way. Is that the probable French oak? Gingered maple syrup plus blood oranges and pepper. Finish: very long, spicier but still balanced. Comments: I hereby solemnly declare that this baby was my favourite red-wine-Scotch ever, whether full-matured or just aromatised/finished. Now, am I really sound in body and mind? SGP:562 - 90 points.

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