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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

November 21, 2017


Two whiskies of Jerez

It’s while in Jerez last week that beyond the terrific finos, palos and amontillados (not too forget Sanlucar’s manzanillas, a proper steal at between 6 and 10€ a bottle), we came across some rare whiskies ‘made’ by some of the larger bodegas. Of course, we couldn’t not try them…

Nomad Outland Whisky (41.3%, OB, Gonzalez Byass, blended whisky, +/-2017)

Nomad Outland Whisky (41.3%, OB, Gonzalez Byass, blended whisky, +/-2017) Three stars and a half A strange idea, some Scottish blend finished for one year in some PX casks, right in Jerez at Gonzalez Byass instead of in Scotland. Does that make it a Spanish whisky? Not too sure, but it’s advertised as ‘breaking the unwritten rules of whisky’. Colour: amber. Nose: rather fresh and rounded, with notes of ripe pears, pear liqueur, a little caramel, ad getting drier after five seconds, rather on hay and English tea (breakfast blend). A rather pleasant nose, not too fluffy. Then rather walnut cake, with some toffee and fudge. Mouth: really nice, on mocha, cappuccino, raisins, fudge, a touch of nutmeg, bergamot, a wee bit of caraway… Good work by Gonzalez’s own Richard Paterson, Antonio Flores. Finish: unexpectedly long, on pear cake, raisin, and a little cinnamon. Salted butter fudge in the aftertaste. Comments: some excellent surprise, and without any cloyingly sticky PX notes (whisky’s newer botox). SGP:551 – 84 points.

Valdespino ‘Malt Whisky’ (43.5%, OB, blended malt, +/-2017)

Valdespino ‘Malt Whisky’ (43.5%, OB, blended malt, +/-2017) Two stars This is a blend of +/-80% Spanish malt whisky (DYC?) with +/-20% Scotch malt, further aged in truly old ex-solera oloroso and palo cortado butts for around ten years. Not bespoke seasoned sherry casks! Colour: gold. Nose: surprisingly light, cake-y, dry, with notes of cornflakes, cut grass, and a little burnt caramel. It’s easy, rather simple, and rather in blend territories instead of malt. Reminds me of VAT69. Mouth: rather fair, with cereals, touches of molasses, toasted bread, a little chlorophyll. Gets then dry, grassier, a little burnt. Burnt bread forgotten in the toaster, walnuts. Finish: medium, dry. More grass, burnt caramel, toasted bread. Comments: quite good, but dispensable. To be sipped while in Jerez, while admiring some of those wonderful black sherry botas. SGP:351 - 74 points.






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