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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

November 22, 2018


Mixed bags

Whiskyfun's mixed bags Session Two

Let's have a little rye today, and see where that will lead us, if you agree...

Juuri ‘Unaged Rye Spirit’ (46.3%, OB, Kyrö, Finland, +/-2018)

Juuri ‘Unaged Rye Spirit’ (46.3%, OB, Kyrö, Finland, +/-2018) Four stars
I know this is more than just rye vodka, since I’ve tried an earlier ‘Verso’ back in 2015 and thought it was very good (WF 82). Colour: white. Nose: some kind of gin at first, but much better than any gin (don’t shoot, you hipsters), with these obvious and expected notes of fresh bread and Scandinavian dry rye bread. All they would have to do is to add fibres to their ryes and presto, alcohol for our health! In truth this is pure liquid bread, which I just adore. Mouth: they invented bread eau-de-vie! With green bananas, liquorice wood, gentian, perhaps a chunk of pineapple, a touch of sloe, and a little vanilla. Vanilla in a spirit that’s never seen any oak? Apparently, that’s possible. OH and it was smart to bottle this at 46.3% vol., it’s a perfect strength. Finish: long, a wee tad more on pears this time. A touch of celeriac in the aftertaste, making it even rootier. Comments: impressive distillate. Not sure it would need oak.
SGP:541 - 85 points.

More rye, perhaps…

WhistlePig ‘FarmStock Rye’ (43%, OB, USA, Crop No. 002, 2018)

WhistlePig ‘FarmStock Rye’ (43%, OB, USA, Crop No. 002, 2018) Three stars and a half
Apparently, there’s terroir ahead, but no age statements. Are we ready to trade age statements for terroir? And is it Canadian terroir or American terroir? If it’s well a blend, can a blend showcase terroir? Is multiple terroir still terroir? Phew… Colour: gold. Nose: much softer than the Juuri, more bourbony, obviously, with more ginger cake and speculoos, vanilla, soft brown bread, barley syrup, then much more geranium flowers, pine needles, fusel oil, turnips and a little gravel. But it remains all soft and very approachable. Mouth: very good, no doubt, and pretty dry. No assaulting vanilla here, rather breads, caraway, oak, grist, buckwheat again (Breton crêpes), and a very moderate cologne-y touch. Wev’ve had ryes that had been much more cologne-y, and not only in Germany (ha!) Finish: medium to long, with these typical touches of geranium and even lavender. Comments: I preferred the punch and the obviousness of the Finn, but indeed this one’s very good too. Just a little shy, I would say, but maybe was it a shy terroir?
SGP:541 - 83 points.

More rye, perhaps…

Black Maple Hill Rye (47.5%, OB, USA, +/-2018)

Black Maple Hill Rye (47.5%, OB, USA, +/-2018) Three stars and a half
A brand from Oregon. And handmade! Not sure about who distils what, but we have no time to try to find out. Colour: dark gold. Nose: earthy rooty bread, carrots, turnips, celeriac, bitter caramel, coffee, sloe, juniper, big menthol, and more carrots. That’s a funny nose, but the palate will be either great, or wrecked. Mouth: well, I for one like this, because I love bread (I insist) in my whisky and in this case, that bread works well with all the liquorice and mint liqueur someone has added to it. Notes of blood oranges, more carrots, more celeriac, even beetroots. Cherry candies too, cinnamon mints… Probably a controversial whisky, but I for one rather enjoy this. Finish: long, earthy, woody, spicy, with this cherry quality that I enjoy. Don’t they have great cherries in Oregon? Comments: that’s what I enjoy about these whiskeys, they are very singular. And bready.
SGP:551 - 84 points.

Oh let’s stay in America…

Ironroot Republic ‘Texas Legation Batch No2’ (46.2%, Berry Bros & Rudd, USA, bourbon, 2000 bottles, +/-2018)

Ironroot Republic ‘Texas Legation Batch No2’ (46.2%, Berry Bros & Rudd, USA, bourbon, 2000 bottles, +/-2018) Three stars
This is ‘accredited in London’, which I find excellent. Batch No1 was really good (WF 80). Colour: deep gold. Nose: it is a sweet-oak-fuelled whisky, so to speak, with a lot of popcorn, sweet bread, brioche, maple syrup, and various fudges. Roasted peanuts too. Marzipan as well, then spicier elements, and even touches of lavender that hint at rye. Mouth: it’s a fruity kind of bourbon, full of violet liqueur and tangerines at first, then rather on sour bread dough, heather honey, and maple syrup again. Quite a lot of caramel too, treacle toffee, praline… Finish: rather long, and certainly full of violets. Not exactly Parma violets, rather violet candies from Toulouse, France. The aftertaste is a little caramelly. Comments: a tad heavy on caramel, perhaps, but otherwise all is very fine. Some thicker bourbon.
SGP:641 - 81 points.

Bulleit 10 yo ‘Frontier Whiskey’ (45.6%, OB, Kentucky Straight Bourbon, +/-2018)

Bulleit 10 yo ‘Frontier Whiskey’ (45.6%, OB, Kentucky Straight Bourbon, +/-2018) Three stars
Always thought the NAS was really nice, so this should very nice. Colour: gold. Nose: much lighter than all the other ones that we just tried, in truth it was probably a mistake not to have it as #1. Soft breads, a little flour, wholegrain bread, a little caramel, corn syrup, one crushed overripe banana, a few herbs. Oregano, perhaps? Mouth: there’s this odd fruity edge, between cranberries and oranges, not too sure about those. Various candies, lavender sweets, touches of white pepper, cinnamon rolls, vanilla… Finish: medium, rather breadier. Comments: playful, just a little thin at times. But I like it.
SGP:641 - 80 points.

A last one…

Knob Creek 2004/2017 (60%, OB, for Flask, USA, bourbon)

Knob Creek 2004/2017 (60%, OB, for Flask, USA, bourbon) Three stars
These barrels are bottled for various wine and spirit shops throughout the USA. In this case, it’s Flask. Colour: gold. Nose: this is much rougher, earthier, almost dirty and dusty, with some roasted chestnuts and quite a lot of raw chocolate. Some bread as well, and not a lot of vanilla. In theory, we should enjoy this once water’s been added. With water: some bready rye coming through. Mouth (neat): it’s heavy but it’s natural, whatever that means, rather sour in fact, on stewed apples and green plums, with unexpected notes of white wine and some raw molasses behind that. Some cinnamon cake and surely some varnish. With water: indeed it’s raw, but rather more on oranges this time. Oranges, cinnamon, chocolate, molasses, and touches of violets and lavender. Finish: medium, a little thin, which I find really strange. Comments: a rawer bourbon, I would say, a little spirity for me.
SGP:551 - 80 points.

(Thanks a bunch Jay and Lucero)






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