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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

November 25, 2019


Little duos, today Glenturret

Glenturret’s some action malt, shall we say. Did you know it’s now in the skilled hands of the owners of Lalique crystal? Now, we must try a newish NAS ‘Triple Wood’ now, which is pretty scary if you ask me. No age statement and a lot of oaks, what can go wrong?

Glenturret ‘Triple Wood’ (40%, OB, +/-2019)

Glenturret ‘Triple Wood’ (40%, OB, +/-2019) Two stars and a half
What’s more, it’s a finishing. Colour: gold. Nose: well, I do not dislike this. It’s obviously very young, it’s full of bread and sawdust, as well as sour pastries, porridge and grist, and to tell you the truth, you’d rather believe this was made by some craft hipsters/distillers somewhere near Santa Fe.  Or Ulan Bator. Or Buenos Aires. Mouth: same feelings. Beer, yeast, dough, sawdust, tapioca, sour mead, and guess what, malted barley. Finish: medium, with a sawdust that really starts to feel a little too much. Cinnamon and cardboard. Comments: some aspects are extremely fine, it’s just a little too ‘crafty’ for me. But I find this very encouraging, it’s almost as if one of, if not the oldest distillery in Scotland had started it all over again.

SGP:351 - 79 points.

Let’s check an older one…

Glenturret 30 yo 1988/2018 (52.4%, Signatory Vintage 30th Anniversary, cask #532, hogshead, 234 bottles)

Glenturret 30 yo 1988/2018 (52.4%, Signatory Vintage 30th Anniversary, cask #532, hogshead, 234 bottles) Three stars
Angus already tried this one for these modest pages, but let’s not be influenced… Colour: gold. Nose: it’s well one of those older ‘lol’ Glenturrets, blending varnish with sour vegetables and meats. Big savoury notes, Maggi, soy sauce, oyster sauce, onion soup, then rather game, leather, horse saddle… Horse saddles have always been very ‘Glenturret’ in my book. With water: pinecones and needles, poultry, moist pipe tobacco, Vicks embrocations, and really a lot of menthol as well as some very earthy, pu-ehr-type tea. Mouth (neat): orange squash, paint, perhaps even acetone, very old sauvignon blanc, grapefruits, rotting oranges, yeast extracts… I know you see what I mean. Glenturret. With water: leather, amontillado, tobacco, carboard, and plastic, then raspberry drops. Very mad whisky, I wouldn’t say it’s got a lot of, say, focus. Finish: long and weird, a little acetic (balsamico) and full of rotting fruits, with a slightly sulphury ending. Which is very Glenturret indeed. Comments: totally loco malt whisky that goes into strictly all directions, except smoke. Almost impossible to score, could be 70, could be 80, could be 90. Let’s remain Cartesian…

SGP:472 - 80 points.

Good, I’ve now checked, and it looks like Angus rated it 92! Here, it takes all sorts to make a world.

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