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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

November 19, 2019


Time Warp

The Time Warp Sessions,
today the top of Bladnoch

No new bottlings this time, but why would we have to try so many new releases? This is not public service, mind you! And we’ll avoid the terrible official ‘cubistic’ bottlings of recent times, thought they were, yeah, pretty terrible… (wrongly finished and insanely priced).

Bladnoch 22 yo 1992/2014 (51.6%, The Nectar of The Daily Dram)

Bladnoch 22 yo 1992/2014 (51.6%, The Nectar of The Daily Dram) Four stars and a half
This one by our inenarrable Belgian friends. I promise we won’t mention football. Colour: straw. Nose: starts a little ‘regular’, with good maltiness and some pleasant touches of some kind of sooty porridge, but the expected lemony notes do make an appearance after one minute or so, between fresh tangerines and just English marmalade. Some paraffin. With water: some lemon zests and some paraffin. This is extremely Bladnoch. Mouth (neat): a funny salty start, it’s almost as if we’re having some oak-aged margarita of some sort. Perfect citrons and lemons after that, notes of citric IPA, and then a huge lemon pie covered with tons of meringue. So very Bladnoch indeed. With water: a little perfume, soap, lavender… But nothing too serious. Careful with water. Finish: rather long, and reminiscent of some kind of oak-aged limoncello matured in Napoli. But who would do that? Comments: top-of-game Bladnoch, typically citrusy and very excellent. Frankly, who would dump this into wine wood?
SGP:651 - 89 points.

Bladnoch 32 yo 1958/1990 (44.5%, Duthies)

Bladnoch 32 yo 1958/1990 (44.5%, Duthies) Five stars
A very rare bottling for sure, now I’ve tried a black dumpy 1958 by parent company Cadenhead a few years back, which had been just stellar (WF 92). But that was in 2007… Colour: deep gold. Nose: shall we call the Anti-Maltoporn Brigade now, or wait a little longer? This is just astounding, in fact, with an unusual mixture with crystallised tangerines and lemons, some amazing bergamots, some crushed fresh almonds, and just a wee touch of old menthol liqueur. The kind that our ancestors used to take after a long and heavy meal. This nose is simply exceptional, getting earthy, herbal, and extremely complex. Old pinewood. Leaves you speechless. Mouth: oh sweet Vishnu! Embrocations, fir and tar liqueurs, bergamots and kumquats, bitter herbal liqueur (ever tried old Unicum?), and some garage-y stuff, between oils, waxes and greases. Finish: tends to keep exploding on your palate, with an avalanche of pine-y and sappy flavours. We could mention many old liqueurs, Verveine, Génépy, Chartreuse, Bénédictine; well I’m sure you get the idea. Comments: miraculous old whisky. Its contemporary brothers can be fabulous as well, but never quite as miraculous, because by law, consistency erases chance. Do not discuss.
SGP:471 - 93 points.

(Many mercis, Angus)

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