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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

November 26, 2019


Little duos, today very loco-loco
Glenturret again

Because look, indeed you may wonder, was Glenturret always this whacky? There’s only one way to find out… (yeah I made a phone call to my insurer.)

Glenturret ‘Tayside’ (43%, OB, rotation 1978)

Glenturret ‘Tayside’ (43%, OB, rotation 1978)
Well, the brand’s website now claims that Glenturret was established in 1775, but this old official bottling rather used to state 1776. Now is that really important? Of course not, it was probably all illicit anyway back then. Let’s fasten our seatbelts… Colour: gold. Nose: fusel oil, eraser, ink, plasticine, soap, and ‘dead oyster’. Very difficult, if you ask me, so let’s not insist... Mouth: sweet Mary and Joseph, what is this? Dead animals, plastic, candles, old shoes, paint thinner, sauerkraut, stale lime juice… In truth, this is just undrinkable – and yeah, almost unthinkable. Finish: pretty long, and unexpectedly salty. Shrimps fed on plastic waste. Comments: almost a nightmare, but in a way, it's fun to try. Many old Glenturret OBs were a bit like this, so careful if you ever spot ‘bargains’ at auction houses. Long story short: urgh! Did some Scots make this? Now it’s true that the Scots also do square sausage… (ha!)

SGP:273 - 25 points.

Redemption please…

Glenturret 23 yo 1994/2018 (50.7%, Artful Dodger Collective, PX octave, cask #618)

Glenturret 23 yo 1994/2018 (50.7%, Artful Dodger Collective, PX octave, cask #618) Two stars
What a difficult exercise this may have been… Will the little octave have saved this (possibly) very deviant whisky? Colour: gold. Nose: funny. Bacon, coal smoke, new car engine, capers, suet, brake fluid, ink, carbon paper, rusty iron… It’s not that this doesn’t work, it’s just pretty unusual. But this is Glenturret, is it not… With water: following an old Jaguar. Blimey, those stupid carburettors! And diesel fuel. Mouth (neat): what a funny baby indeed. The main difference with the old Tayside is that you could drink this one, provided you’re not afraid of grass juice, leaves, green walnuts, liquid soap (pine-scented), cider vinegar, extreme manzanilla, and yeah, ink. With water: die-hard manzanilla (or vin jaune) freaks would manage to drink, and even enjoy this. Normal persons, just go your way. Finish: long and, cough, soapier and more vinegary. Challenging. Comments: this really is heretic whisky, possibly only for fidgety hipsters, I would say. Or manzanilla fanatics. Or both, hipsters who’re into manzanilla; yes I know a few.

SGP:261 - 75 points.

PS: rinse your glasses twice!

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