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The GlenWonka, the whiskies of tomorrow with our past in mind.
Remember, together we can make Scotland a better world.
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NEW (2023)
The GlenWonka 'Dazzling Incandescence'

It's a remarkable discovery in the world of whisky! The heirs of the old warehouses of The GlenWonka, having found a rare and unmarked cask believed to be authentic GlenWonka, have decided to collaborate with the renowned glassworks Apfelstrudel, Hundertpfund & Smith for the packaging, which indicates the importance and prestige of this whisky. The name "Dazzling Incandescence" suggests an exceptional quality and a unique tasting experience. This find could certainly spark interest among collectors and whisky enthusiasts worldwide.

£2,599,999 (VAT included) SOLD OUT

The iGlenWonka
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    GlenWonka Livingstone    

The GlenWonka 'Dr. Livingstone, I presume?'
Replica bottling


The GlenWonka 'Foreshot'.


The GlenWonka's '44 BC'.


The GlenWonka '763 Replica'.

    GlenWonka SuBo    

The GlenWonka 'Susan Boyle Edition'.


The GlenWonka 'Artemist'.


NEW! The GlenWonka's 'The World'. The GlenWonka's last bottling, a delightful three years old that's been finished in several 'world' casks sucessively (Belgian beer, French wine, German fish, Spanish olive oil, Italian balsamico, American bourbon, Chinese tea and many others.) Comes with a wonderful stopper made out of moon rock. A piece of History, while stocks last! 40% vol. 70cl.


NEW! The GlenWonka 'Jock Koons Edition'. We have commissioned the famous American-Scottish avant-garde artiste Jock Koons who designed this stunning new bottle for The GlenWonka. Inside: a very rare three years old malt whisky at cask strength, bottled without filtering. Warning, may turn hazy… 40.2% vol. 70cl.

£7,999 (VAT included) SOLD OUT
£5,499 (VAT included) SOLD OUT
    NEW! The GlenWonka 'BollyWood finish'. An extremely precious new three years old, finished for seven days in bolly wood casks. Comes in dazzling china decanter with an amazing stopper made out of raw Indian heart-shaped rubies in their gangue of zozoite and rhondite and complimentary autographed photograph of gorgeous Bollywood megastar Shilpa Shetty. Exclusive to India (we're afraid). 40% vol. 70cl. LAST MINUTE: upon request from Mr. Nukala, comes also with an autographed photograph of Mallika Sherawat.    
£37,999 (VAT included) SOLD OUT
    NEW! The GlenWonka's Naked Truth. Why not come visit us in the heart of Speyside? You'll have the rare opportunity to fill your very own 4,5 UK gallon (20.4574 litres) bottle of new make straight from our spirit still for further enjoyment at home. We're sorry, not suitable for smokers or BBQers. +/-72.5% vol. +/-20.4l.     NEW! The GlenWonka 'Out of Afrikka'. Exclusive to Central Africa, a stupendous three years old malt whisky that's been finished in rooibos tea casks. Please note that we support democracy in Africa and that 2.5% of our profits will go to the Mobutu Sese Seko Trust. 40% vol. 70cl.    
£999 (VAT included) SOLD OUT
£1,499 (VAT included) SOLD OUT
    NEW! The GlenWonka 'eBay Edition'. CASH IN ON YOUR PASSION! Don't even bother with what's inside this parcel! Simply put it on eBay with a minimum reserve price of £750, insist on the fact that this rare bottling is a fantastic investment and see your profits rise! As soon as the sale is over, just email us the buyer's name and mailing address and we'll take care of the rest, shipping and other hassles. 40% vol. 70cl.    
£500 (VAT included) SOLD OUT
    The GlenWonka 'Eleven'. Our friend Nigel Tufnel, of The Spinal Tap fame, helped our master ear select the casks for this brand new botting that goes to eleven - that's why we called it 'Eleven'. Cask strength, naturally! This whisky is three years and eleven days old. 40.3% vol. 70cl.     The GlenWonka 'Organic'. An award winning packaging for this brand new 'Organic' GlenWonka that was finished in French cucumber casks for four days. This one is Earth 2.0 ready! 40% vol. 70cl.    
£2,499 (VAT included) SOLD OUT
£499 (VAT included) SOLD OUT
    The GlenWonka '45'. An extraordinary new two years old originally aimed at the Chinese market but that'll now be available at all EU Chinese restaurants. Enhanced with 45gr. ginseng per bottle, hence the name '45'. Ideal for life extension. Comes with rare celadon stopper. 40% vol. 70cl.     The GlenWonka 1898 'Sissi'. A very old five years old finished in Austrian Spätlese casks, bottled to pay homage to the wonderful Elizabeth of Austria-Hungary, a.k.a. Sissi (1837-1898). Comes with orginal antique golden medal that Sissi used to wear at Schönbrunn Palace. 40% vol. 70cl.    
£99 (VAT included) SOLD OUT
£1,799 (VAT included) SOLD OUT
  The GlenWonka '100 years old', distilled in 1909. The most expensive Scotch ever, until the next one. 5 decanters only, with complimentary Aston Martin. 40% vol. 70cl.    
The GlenWonka 'Oscuro', distilled in November 2009, blended with a quadruple dose of spirit caramel and a 20% proportion of tar liqueur. Available in December 2009, Austria only. 40% vol. 70cl.
£1,999,999 (VAT included) SOLD OUT
    £1,999 (VAT included) SOLD OUT
    The GlenWonka 1867 'Triple Oloroso', a three years old finished for three hours in three Oloroso casks (one hour each). Exclusive to Canada (founded 1867) 40% vol. 70cl.    
The GlenWonka 1938 'Beatrix', a three years old finished for three further long days in Dutch genever casks. Bottled as a tribute to The Queen of the Dutch, born 1938. 40% vol. 70cl.
  £2,499 (VAT included) SOLD OUT     £3,999 (VAT included) SOLD OUT
    The GlenWonka 'For Girlz!' A secret recipe involving marshmallows and Chanel No.5. This is the future, baby! And Beyoncé loves it. 40% vol. 70cl.    
The GlenWonka 'Petrus & Pingus' Already four years old, this magnificent spirit has been further matured in both Petrus and Pingus casks for more body and structure. A success! 40% vol. 70cl.
  £299 (VAT included) SOLD OUT     £6,999 (VAT included) SOLD OUT