March 25th, 2005
> P 1 - Introduction
> P 2 - 1819, building Clynelish
> P 3 - 1896, new owners
> P 4 - 1900, the last golden years
> P 5 - 1912, the Clynelish Distillery Co
> P 6 - 1925, bought by D.C.L.
> P 7 - 1945, Clynelish is booming again
> P 8 - 1969, the Brora years
> P 9 - 1975, Brora changes style
>P 10 - 1981, near the end
>P 11 - First bottlings of Brora
>P 12 - One day?
    The first version of this History of Brora and Old Clynelish was full of uncertainties, and I’m glad I could make some major improvements after a visit at Diageo’s Archives in Menstrie, where I could browse several very interesting documents such as various old registers and books, thanks to Christine Jones and Dr Nick Morgan.
     Many famous writers – especially the most famous ones (and I’m not talking about Charles MacLean and Dave Broom here, nor about John Lamond) have made so many mistakes in their books that I felt this revised history was most needed.
     All grey parts haven’t been removed yet, and I'd still love to meet with some old distillery workers so that I can find out about some details of what really happened during the most recent part of the distillery’s history. Anyway, here’s the ‘semi-definitive’ history of Brora and Old Clynelish! Please note that I reduced the pictures’ sizes to the max, so that these pages do not get too heavy, but you’ll get bigger ones by clicking most of them. Enjoy!