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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

July 11, 2014


A pair of peated Jura plus bonus

There’re quite a few peated Juras around these days. I remember well the first very young official peaters that the distillery had issued around ten years ago, those used to rock!

Jura 23 yo 1989/2013 (57.6%, Signatory Vintage, bourbon barrel, cask #30708, 196 bottles)

Jura 23 yo 1989/2013 (57.6%, Signatory Vintage, bourbon barrel, cask #30708, 196 bottles) Four stars Colour: gold. Nose: it’s an unusual peatiness, or rather a peatiness that’s relatively light and rather hidden behind a thickish wall of vanilla and corn syrup. Not that that doiesn’t work, not at all, it’s just not ‘a peat monster’. Custard, more custard, then light honey, orange cake, a newly opened pack of shortbread… There’s also a flowery side. With water: becomes as opaque as milk, even after the addition of one drop. Other than that, doesn’t change much. Vanilla! Mouth (neat): starts very well, rather zestier and with less ‘dullish’ vanilla. I find notes of blood oranges, and many of them, then more barley water, earl grey tea, some green tea for sure… I’m afraid it’s even drinkable at full strength! So a potent zesty Jura. The peat’s not too big, having said that. With water: almost perfect now. More mint, leaves, eucalyptus, grapefruits, fresh walnuts… Very grassy aftertaste. Finish: medium length. Clean, zesty, fresh and… Islayesque. Comments: I think I liked the palate better. A quality bottling nonetheless. SGP:364 – 86 points.

Jura 24 yo 1989/2014 (58.8%, Signatory Vintage for Limburg, bourbon barrel, cask #30724, 193 bottles)

Jura 24 yo 1989/2014 (58.8%, Signatory Vintage for Limburg, bourbon barrel, cask #30724, 193 bottles) Four stars and a half A sister cask, obviously. Colour: white wine. Nose: how very interesting! Another proof that oak’s great, but that less oak can be better if the botllers have got time and can wait. This one’s obviously very close, but it’s got less vanilla, hence more brightness, vivacity and, well, peat. Very lovely nose, we could have been on Islay, or to be more precise, at the nearest distillery, Caol Ila. With water: almonds and smoked tea come out, both sister casks are diverging much more when reduced. Mouth (neat): same comments, it’s even zestier than its sister, it’s certainly peatier, and once again it’s got something very ‘Caol Ila’. Maybe did they just cross the sound of Islay at night and burgled one of CI’s warehouse? Haha… With water: even more of that feeling. Excellent. Finish: same, zesty, clean. Comments: forgot to mention crab meat, but maybe that’s only my mind playing tricks. Ever seen (or tasted) the fantastic crabs they catch in the Sound of Islay? SGP:455 - 88 points.

While we’re at it, we could also have a little digestif…

Isle of Jura 1972/1991 (55.5%, Scotch Malt Whisky Society, #31.4, 75cl)

Isle of Jura 1972/1991 (55.5%, Scotch Malt Whisky Society, #31.4, 75cl) Five stars I couldn’t tell you if 1972 was as much a ‘vintage of the century’ as at other well-known Scottish distilleries. Let’s see… Colour: gold. Nose: makes you cry. This is exactly it, a blend of high focus and complexity. Amazing ‘real mangos’ (since I could recently check how far from the junk mangos we find in our supermarkets real mangos can be), papayas, pink grapefruits and rhubarb, then more sorrel, soft curry and sweet chives. I cannot not think of Lochside 1966, if that rings a bell… With water: same, which is great. Couldn’t have gotten any nicer anyway. Mouth (neat): amazingly fresh and fruity arrival, but there isn’t only fruits, here’s also a little tobacco, olive oil, liquorice, green pepper and maybe juniper. The oily side really hints at old Jura, it’s one of the distillery’s markers in my book. Absolutely beautiful and quite complex, while other well-know fruit bombs can be superb, but simple (or the other way ‘round). With water: a perfect old dry Vouvray. Like, 1959. Enough said… Finish: long, absolutely perfect. Comments: this is malt whisky. Lifts your spirit and puts you in a better mood – and that’s not the alcohol. SGP:752 - 94 points.

(with heartfelt thanks to Carsten)

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