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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

March 9, 2021


Jazzy Dalmores

Why wouldn't we do a few Dalmore? While hoping that we'll find a majority of ex-refill wood, since as I always say, Dalmore's a wonderful spirit and I find it sometimes a pity when it's been too seasoned with unlikely wines and woods. The Doritos way… At least they don't do what some new cats are doing nowadays, ex-peat, ex-PX, ex-oloroso, ex-bourbon and ex-Port. And sometimes ex-Sauternes and ex-Madeira. At least most don't do Zin, but distillery character, ha-ha. Anyway…

Dalmore 'The Trio' (40%, OB, travel retail, 1l, +/-2020)

Dalmore 'The Trio' (40%, OB, travel retail, 1l, +/-2020) Two stars and a half
Crikey, I had hoped this series was named after jazz bands or something like that, but that's rather the number of different casks the whiskies have been treated with. Ouch! So this time, the 'trio' consisted in first fill Port, first fill bourbon, and first fill sherry. NAS, naturally, but let's be serious, this could work. Colour: gold. Nose: blimey, this works indeed, as Dalmore's trademark oranges are singing loud right from the start. Lovely notes of acacia honey, a few juicy golden sultanas, juicy ripe peaches, a tiny touch of mint, some mirabelles for sure, drops of IPA and custard… It is, indeed, very 'Dalmore' and perfectly fresh. Mouth: we're going down three stairs at least, this is much more on leaves and leather, with a little cardamom, chlorophyll, and really a lot of bitterness. Very bitter ale. We were having high hopes after the nose, but were disappointed. To be honest, this happens with many pedestrian 'entry-level' OBs. Finish: medium grassy, bitter. No marmalade though. Unpleasant leathery aftertaste. Comments: really, the nose was lovely, but as far as trios go, I'm afraid this was more ZZ Top than one of Bill Evans'. No jazz indeed.
SGP:361 - 78 points.

Let's add an instrument. I mean, only a cask (I'm afraid…)

Dalmore 'The Quartet' (41.5%, OB, travel retail, 1l, +/-2020)

Dalmore 'The Quartet' (41.5%, OB, travel retail, 1l, +/-2020) Three stars and a half
We're granted with one more wood and some extra 1.5% vol. Wow, this is generous! Actually, this is a typical Dalmore-y recipe, with some Cabernet-Sauvignon, two old VORS-like sherries, and some first-fill bourbon yet again. We know about the ages of the sherries (30 years) but not about the age of this whisky, how bizarre isn't it. Let's hope there's a majority of bourbon. Colour: gold. Nose: once again, the nose is wonderful, this time with Corinth raisins, preserved apricots, roasted nuts, black nougat, rather heavier chestnut honey, and just a tiny touch of gunpowder or struck matches. No problems. Oh and dried figs and the usual Grand-Marnier. So far, so lovely. Mouth: not this time, things happen smoothly, with jams, bags of raisins, dried dates and figs, and rather a little chocolate and coffee, Jaffa cakes, damson plums, then the usual cloves, star anise and cinnamon. Finish: medium, this time a little leathery again, with some tobacco, tea, ginger… But we're way above the trio. The aftertaste is a little too bitter again. Comments: a much better band, I mean whisky in my opinion, even if it is not the John Coltrane Quartet, naturally. Let's ask Miles Davis and his quintet what they thinks…
SGP:561 - 84 points.

Dalmore 'The Quintet' (44.5%, OB, 70cl, +/-2020)

Dalmore 'The Quintet' (44.5%, OB, 70cl, +/-2020) Four stars
A strange set-up this time, with some ex-Madeira, ex-muscat (which muscat?), ex-Port, ex-Cabernet-Sauvignon, and ex-30yo matusalem sherry. One, two, three… right, that's five casks, and 3 more % alc./vol., thank you. What's the world up to these days? Colour: deep gold. Nose: less bright, fruity and fresh than the Quartet, and even more on dried fruits, fruitcake, figs, raisins, and something that's not uncommon with these kinds of wine-heavy combinations, brandy, especially cognac. In truth you'd be forgiven for thinking this is VSOP cognac. Mouth: haven't they tried to replicate cognac indeed? I don't know if that's the muscat in the mixture, could be. Raisins, peaches, touches of mint, touches of liquorice, some violet sweets, aniseed drops, some chocolate from the woods (some French oak involved?) and some oranges and agave syrup. I find it to my liking. Finish: medium, sweeter and rounder, with good honey, liquorice, jams, a touch of mocha in the aftertaste… Comments: this one's very good, you just have to forget about how they made it. You know what they say, there are two things you do not want to see being made, the law and sausages. I would add some whiskies to that rule…
SGP:651 - 86 points.

Miles Davis used to say that if you do a mistake while playing jazz, just repeat it and people will believe you did it on purpose. Isn't it the same with some whiskies? Good, so we'll have three more Dalmores right tomorrow…

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