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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

August 24, 2021


The Ultimate Sessions, today Auchroisk

The original Singleton, twenty years ago or was it thirty? Was it more? Moderately sexy whisky, if I remember well. Anyway, we'll first try two very young '1st fill' babies as the apéritifs, then taste the new official 1974 which is, by the way and unless I've lost my maths, the oldest expression within this year's Prima & Ultimas. Mind you, 47 years, what's more it is the first cask they ever filled at Auchroisk as J&B's Distillery was indeed built in 1974!

Auchroisk Distilley (Anne Burgess)

Auchroisk 9 yo 2010/2020 (59.9%,, 1st fill Port barrique, cask #46, 285 bottles)

Auchroisk 9 yo 2010/2020 (59.9%,, 1st fill Port barrique, cask #46, 285 bottles) Three stars and a half
Colour: gold. Nose: funny and strange, a little dissonant at first (earth and strawberries?) with a touch of soap, it's also true that at such strength many weird things can happen. So… With water: old wine barrel, cinnamon rolls, pear leaves, Wulong… And no soap left. Mouth (neat): a strawberry pie literally covered with caramel and liquid fudge. Millionaire shortbread, butterscotch, pancake sauce… You see… With water: it's really not one of those hastily wine-finished whiskies that used to abound just ten years ago. No names, no. Finish: rather long, a little more peppery, but also with more red berries and all jams made thereof. A greenness in the aftertaste (stalk). Comments: pretty good, way better than what I had expected. Things improve everywhere, that's fine. Charring?
SGP:551 - 84 points.

A close sibling…

Auchroisk 10 yo 2010/2021 (58.7%,, anniversary, 1st fill oloroso hogshead, cask #73, 256 bottles)

Auchroisk 10 yo 2010/2021 (58.7%,, anniversary, 1st fill oloroso hogshead, cask #73, 256 bottles) Four stars
Colour: dark gold. Nose: more walnuts, peanuts, meaty touches, a wee petroly side perhaps, black nougat, molasses, milk chocolate, a few pencil shavings… So a tad modern, as expected, but everything's well in place and was done well, as far as I can tell. With water: whiffs of cellulosic varnish, more roasted nuts, plus some raw liquorice when you nose deeply. Mouth (neat): huge butterscotch, caramelised popcorn, treacle toffee, latte, Frappuccino, even Nutella. Reminds me of some caramel vodka that some crazy friends used to make. With water: takes water extremely well, as do most 'modern' whiskies that have seen, well, how shall we call them, say 'further activated casks'? Good caramel, toffee, corn syrup… Finish: long, on more fudge and toffee. Comments: I find this extremely good and I almost feel shame. Well, I suppose we must keep up with the times.
SGP:651 - 87 points.

And the old glory…

Auchroisk 47 yo 1974/2021 (48.7%, OB, Prima & Ultima, 382 bottles)

Auchroisk 47 yo 1974/2021 (48.7%, OB, Prima & Ultima, 382 bottles) Five stars
This from a single European oak butt, so since, again, this was the first cask ever filled at Auchroisk – on January 15, 1974 - it must have been Cask #001! I find it a little wow that they would have bottled this within this series instead of doing a whole thing with bagpipes, bells and whistles once it's reached 50. I have to admit I'm finding that rather a little impressive, panache-y and elegant. Colour: straw. Nose: most probably refill, unless it was fino. It is extremely delicate, whispering, elegant indeed, with a bouquet of meadow flowers, touches of gooseberries and rhubarb, a little white nougat, honeysuckle, fresh bark, chardonnay juice, a tiny touch of coconut, then more flowers (lilies of the valley), gearing then towards rose petals and pomegranate juice… This is, for sure, extremely impressive and indeed, again and again, elegant. Hope the palate will hold on… Mouth: they have monitored this one closely for sure. No tea-ish, wood-saucy arrival, on the contrary, it's all very delicate indeed, rather on stewed plums I would say (those preserved greengages from our childhood), acacia honey, elderberry syrup, there's even some barley or at least grist remaining within this combination. It's great that it did not lose more power and remained rather, say fresh and vibrant. Finish: medium, perhaps even a tad short, but when and where many very old malts get flattish and too drying, it does not. Green tea and oranges. Good, there, in the aftertaste, perhaps a wee tannicity, and a little caramel as well. Comments: not my business but I hope the old distillery workers who were there on January 15, 1974 and are still with us will have the opportunity to try this precious little beauty that aged so well (just like us my friend).
SGP:551 - 91 points.

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