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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

March 30, 2021


Time Warp

The Time Warp Sessions,
today Mannochmore

We always liked to do these kinds of set-ups, but there aren't that many opportunities to do so these days. It's to be remembered that Mannochmore is a relatively recent distillery, as it started 'burning' only in 1971. And then, they made Loch Dhu out of it… (joking!)

Mannochmore 11 yo 2008/2020 (52.5%, Chapter 7, bourbon hogshead, cask #16612, 338 bottles) Mannochmore 11 yo 2008/2020 (52.5%, Chapter 7, bourbon hogshead, cask #16612, 338 bottles)

Mannochmore 11 yo 2008/2020 (52.5%, Chapter 7, bourbon hogshead, cask #16612, 338 bottles) Four stars
Colour: very pale white wine. Expect some distillate-driven whisky. Nose: perfect on all accounts. Lemon and green apple, chalk and grist, cupcake and teas. That would be matcha cupcakes. Perfect raw clean textured malt whisky. With water: more on porridge and tapioca soup, perhaps. Oats, marrow, bouillon… That's superb and to me, works like Proust's madeleine. Mouth (neat): excellent, clean, tight and narrow spirit. A Sylvaner of malt whisky; shall we say. More lemons, green apples, breads, cakes, and then these fruits that, in my humble experience, are often to be found in good young 'naked' Speysiders, gooseberries and greengages. Impeccably clean. With water: sweeter and rounder, rather deep into barley flavours, as well as lemons and white beers. Finish: long, grassier. Apples and sourdough. Comments: the splendours of refill wood on a good distillate. A bit un-modern, perhaps?
SGP:551 - 86 points.

And so the older counterpart…

Mannochmore 18 yo 1977/1996 (60.9%, Cadenhead, Authentic Collection)

Mannochmore 18 yo 1977/1996 (60.9%, Cadenhead, Authentic Collection) Three starsAh those small cream labels, always reassuringly telling you that the whisky was matured in an oak cask… It's true that amaranth and blackwood were already rather too expensive back in the days. Colour: straw. Nose: typical benzene, muesli, sourdough, fruit peelings, fermenting grass, then aspirin, chalk and clay. There, fresh concrete while we're at it. With water: this wonderful feeling of smelling black earth after a heavy shower. And the craziest pumpernickel. Mouth (neat): very medicinal, sour and waxy, with this feeling of sucking a bit of plastic. Frankly, I'm really not too sure now, I've even heard that Elon Musk is buying up all these bottles at auctions to make fuel for SpaceX out of them. With water: plastics and waxes, on sour cream and whey. Finish: long, grassy, perhaps a little gentler this time, with notes of white currant wine. Tried that once in my life but I'll remember it forever. Clay and sourdough are back in the aftertaste. Comments: cubist whisky, really. Very hard to score, should we really need to score it.
SGP:362 - 80 points.

(Merci Tim!)

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