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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

September 6, 2021



Summer Duets
Today Springbank
Would you believe that I have not tried Springbank 10 yet? I mean, in 2021?

Springbank 10 yo (46%, OB, +/-2021)

Springbank 10 yo (46%, OB, +/-2021) Five stars
One of my desert island malts. WF 90 in 2020. We'll do this quickly… Colour: straw. Nose: but of course. Smoked salmon, plasticine, fir liqueur, old magazines, mud and plaster, crushed slates, mustard, manzanilla, apple peelings, damp ashes, retsina, whatnot. Mouth: amazing. I'm wondering if they do not keep improving the recipe. Flabbergasting lemons and tight green fruits (all kinds of unripe berries, really), chalk and Sancerre, ashes, a drop of seawater, green peppercorns, yuzu, umami sauce… Oh wow, this one floors me. Finish: tight, fresh, nervous, citrusy, chalky, with some wholegrain bread and a tiny touch of juniper. Perhaps. Comments: amazing. #1 bang-for-your-buck whisky for sure, an utter star-killer. Frankly, and I am always siding with the consumer (unless he/she's an unapologetical Trumpist), the price here is a b****y scandal, for crying out loud!
SGP:362 - 91 points.

Springbank 24 yo 1996/2020 (48.8%, Sansibar for Whisky Maniacs, Clans, sherry and madeira finish, 132 bottles)

Springbank 24 yo 1996/2020 (48.8%, Sansibar for Whisky Maniacs, Clans, sherry and madeira finish, 132 bottles) Four stars and a half
Hold your horses, this is only a finishing; now was it finished twice, first in sherry and then in madeira, or did those mucho skilled people at Sansibar's blend two finishings, in a pretty Sadistic way? Double punishment, some people like that. Politicians, rock stars, footballers… Colour: amber. Nose: straight on miso, marrow quenelles, chocolate sauce, jamon iberico, Bovril, old toolbox, seawater, pine liqueur, mustard sauce, mutton suet, parsley… Well this is complex for sure, but the palate could be an utter mess, let's see.... Mouth: it is not. Well, not quite. Crazy fino by crazy Andalusians, huge pepper, obscene coffees, saltiest liquorices, ueber-spicy spicy beef jerkies, tobacco juice… It is not that the spirit's too strong, it is not, but boy is this heavily concentrated, herbal, spicy and salty! Finish: long and even saltier. Comments: I do not know how to score this. Over the top for sure, probably outlaw whisky, certainly a strange brew… I'm a little lost, to be honest – and I am a Malt Maniac trying some whisky by some 'Whisky Maniacs'. It all feels strange, I'll have to let this simmer for a few days…
SGP:372 - 88 points.

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