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August 1, 2022


today Benromach



The 20th Anniversary Celebratory Sessions, today Benromach

Always loved this age verification page when you go to Benromach's website. We keep not liking those numpty NAS whiskies at WF, nothing short of highway robbery in some cases, with brands (not Benromach!) selling their 5s for the prices of a 20. Right, rambling again...


Benromach's latest 40 yo, last year, was utterly stunning (WF 93) while an earlier version at 43% vol., named 'Heritage' had been almost as much to my liking (WF 91). The Distillery's mildly peaty style makes wonders, but it is to be remembered that these batches had still been distilled and filled by ex-owners United Distillers, later to be merged into Diageo. Also remember that the Distillery got closed in 1983, only to be restarted by current owners Gordon & MacPhail in 1998. So, in theory, next year's possible 40 yo would make for the last proper 40 before… 2038. Let's first find a proper sparring partner…


Benromach 2011/2022 (48%, OB, Germany Exclusive, batch #2, 1800 bottles)

Benromach 2011/2022 (48%, OB, Germany Exclusive, batch #2, 1800 bottles) Four stars
A new expression for our neighbours Germany, this time ex-sherry and ex-bourbon. Colour: light gold. Nose: it's really got this dirty-ish side that we always like a lot, akin to what could be sometimes nosed around Campbeltown. Old engine oils, old boats, white clay, wool, dust and dirt indeed… I believe there's rather more of all that in this wee 2011 than in the earlier 2009 for Germany (apparently, I'm just reading my older note as we speak). No complains. Mouth: heavy fino, mustard, green walnuts, grapefruit skin, paraffin, ashes and bitter fruit peel. No compromises this time, this one's as dry as a bone. Some sour fruits too, cherry stems perhaps… Finish: long. I'm reminded of some rather brutal amontillados I've tried recently (I'm a member of a wee club and am now getting new bottles regularly). Peppery aftertaste. Comments: I totally hate expressions such as 'this whisky is not for beginners' but believe me, this whisky is not for beginners. I think.
SGP:362 - 87 points.

Benromach 40 yo '2022 Release' (57.6%, OB, sherry, 1132 bottles)

Benromach 40 yo '2022 Release' (57.6%, OB, sherry, 1132 bottles) Five stars
Colour: full gold. Nose: a little unusual given that this should be ex-first fill sherry, with rather more butterscotch than expected as well as some cassata and that very insane thing you'll sometimes find in Italy, proper caramel ice-cream, this time covered with blackberry cream or liqueur. Works with guignolet/Heering too. Behind that, pipe tobacco and drier raisins, plus something that really makes me think of certain old armagnacs I've enjoyed so much lately. With water: drier, rather on old teas, including our beloved old pu-ehrs that we keep mentioning. Mouth (neat): grand. Walnuts in all their guises, as cakes, tartes, liqueurs, wines and cordials. With water: some sweetness now, fruitcake, marmalade, baklavas, kumquats (dag!) and, this time again, a tiny Campbeltownian side. Spent engine grease, you know. Finish: long, splendid. Tobacco, marmalade, sweet mustard and walnuts. Oh and 'engine grease' indeed. A classic cocoa – coffee – cigars combo in the aftertaste. Comments: I agree this whisky deserved a longer tasting note, but there, my glass is empty. Another very good sign.

SGP:462 - 92 points.

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