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October 21, 2022


A trio of Glen Scotia

I'm really glad to find more Glen Scotia, and that indie bottlers would be more interested in the make that's becoming more than just 'the alternative Campbeltowner'. After all, the Distillers themselves smartly call it 'Whisky from the Whiskiest Place in the World.'
(Photograph Glen Scotia)

Glen Scotia

Glen Scotia 15 yo (46%, OB, +/-2022)

Glen Scotia 15 yo (46%, OB, +/-2022) Three stars and a half
Ex-American barrel. A lot of love for this mention on the label: "Distiller's Note: rich & smooth". That's all, you may guess that they haven't hired any senior copywriter from Madison Avenue here (who have become a little overrated anyway). Colour: gold. Nose: we often quote liquorice allsorts, but this time it is a whole warehouse full of those that we're finding in our wee glass, then the expected porridge (Glen Scotia has sometimes been extremely porridgey, this one's gentler), pancakes, silverware, butterscotch, metal polish, sea spray, beach pebbles, then a classic vanilla and baked apples combo… Mouth: there's this very peculiar medicinal side, iodine, bandages, then pancakes and rum sauce, corn syrup, some gentle, slightly mustardy spices, a little fudge… It really is different malt whisky, perhaps one to have in the open. Finish: medium, with a little sour sawdust, vanilla, and wee coastal side. Perhaps some whelks? We love the humble whelks at WF Towers. The aftertaste is a little saltier yet, and earthier. Comments: bonus point for its idiosyncratic side.
SGP:451 - 84 points.

Glen Scotia 5 yo 2015/2021 (59.1%, OB for Or Sileis, first fill bourbon barrel, cask #1366, 251 bottles)

Glen Scotia 5 yo 2015/2021 (59.1%, OB for Or Sileis, first fill bourbon barrel, cask #1366, 251 bottles) Four stars and a half
Boy is this young. Colour: white wine. Nose: grass, fresh-mown lawn, white asparagus, salsify, chalk, lemon peel. With water: crème de menthe and custard, no coconut (hurray). Mouth (neat): completely different, full of lemon drops and limoncello, with a little Thai basil. Simple pleasures. With water: as good as it gets at such young age, reminding me of some much older 5s, such as Clynelish 5, Glen Grant 5, Springbank 5… In the 1960s or very early 1970s! No small feat, we agree. Perfect chalk + lemon combination here. Finish: rather long, grassier again, excellent. Comments: great work with the cask here. Pour it blind, have a poker face and ask your friends about the age… Spectacular quality/age ratio.

SGP:661 - 88 points.

Glen Scotia 10 yo 'Campbeltown Malt Festival 2021' (56.1%, OB, Bordeaux Red Wine Cask Finish)

Glen Scotia 10 yo 'Campbeltown Malt Festival 2021' (56.1%, OB, Bordeaux Red Wine Cask Finish) Two stars and a half
Gasp, red Bordeaux, I can't breathe… I am joking, they may have STRised this one, and at least it is not a peater. Colour: gold. No blush… Nose: something like peach cake, poached pears (pears poached in wine, naturally), VDN – vin doux naturel, clafoutis… I have to say this one's absolutely not unpleasant and to be honest, it's not impossible that the times of wine finishing feeling like playing Russian roulette with casks would be over. With water: not the greatest swimmer, more wood spices are coming out. Ground coffee and cocoa powder. Mouth (neat): I find it a little dissonant (pepper and peaches? Not too sure…) but not shockingly so. Having said that, the spiciness is growing huge. Cherry stems, cloves, pepper and cinnamon, unbridled. With water: it's okay but getting a little sour and too porridgey. Finish: long, drying. Tomato leaves and cherry stems. Comments: right, perhaps more the Bordeaux Wine Feast (should that exist) than the Campbeltown Malt Festival, but I won't deny that some aspects were pleasant. Was that PC enough?

SGP:371 - 78 points.

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