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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

April 18, 2022


Another wee whisky trip around the world...
From Belgium to the US...

Filliers 10 yo 'Batch 1' (43%, OB, Belgium, European sherry oak, 2000 bottles, 2019)

Filliers 10 yo 'Batch 1' (43%, OB, Belgium, European sherry oak, 2000 bottles, 2019) Three stars and a half
This baby from the former makers of Goldlys, as I understand all this they changed the name of their single malt whisky and are now using the name of their… Distillery. Makes sense, doesn't it. Colour: gold Nose: some spicy raisin cake, I would say. Someone may have combined some raisin roll with some cinnamon roll, and that worked. Wee touches of amontillado, a little wood, smoke (boy-scout bonfire), a little maple syrup and chestnut honey, warm praline, and just a tiny touch of nail polish remover. Mouth: perhaps a wee tad oaky/teaish at first, but the nuts and the raisins keep it rather easy. Allspice, cinnamon, touch of curry, nutmeg… Finish: medium, pleasant, malty and spicy. Cinnamon and nutmeg in the aftertaste, with touches of triple-sec. Comments: I believe it's never easy to get the oak right when you bottle at 40 or 43% while you you've been using some active casks. No problem here.
SGP:451 - 84 points

Down South, just a we bit…

Artesia 'Limited Edition Porto' (45%, OB, France, LMDW, Conquête, 1300 bottles, 2021)

Artesia 'Limited Edition Porto' (45%, OB, France, LMDW, Conquête, 1300 bottles, 2021) Four stars
We've already tried one of these new Artesia from the North of France and rather liked it. But watch this one, it's first spent time in new oak (cool set-up, that's the opposite of what most whiskymakers are doing), then in Port wood. Colour: light gold. Was it white Port? Nose: no red Port in sight, hurray, rather a lot of weissbeer. Really a lot. Then pears everywhere, you'd almost believe this is williams pear eau-de-vie that's spent some time in wood. The thing is, I'm a sucker for pear eau-de-vie. So, no complains at this point… Oh and some unexpected whiffs of orange wine. Really. Mouth: how very funny, you would believe, indeed, that this is fine de vin orange blended with pear spirit and, once again, weissbeer. Great fun here, this is both very different and very good, in my opinion. Once again, a bottling strength of 45/46% is doing wonders. Finish: medium, and breadier this time. Pear-led fruitcake and apricot pie, shall we say. Comments: excellent. I've almost written 'unexpectedly excellent'.

SGP:641 - 86 points

To Ireland once more, perhaps…

Mourne Dew (43%, OB, Irish single malt, +/-2021)

Mourne Dew (43%, OB, Irish single malt, +/-2021) Two stars and a half
Apparently, this triple-distilled whiskey stems from a real proprietary distillery (you never know these days) and was quickly finished in ex-IPA casks. Why not… Colour: pale white wine. Nose: we're not too far from the Frenchie in the sense that pears and beer are competing here, before touches of grapefruits and chalk would chime in. Very pleasant, feeling natural. Mouth: a little odd this time, kind of perfumy, with notes of lavender bonbons (or even ice cream) and then just grenadine. Violet sweets, poppy sweets, Mexican agave lollipops, tequila and gin… Finish: medium, sweet. Violets and juniper. Comments: very unusual on your palate, a little un-whisky but good fun for sure. Perhaps on ice?
SGP:630 - 78 points

To Africa!…

Copper Republic 'Bourbon Cask Finish' (43%, OB, South Africa, single grain, +/-2020)

Copper Republic 'Bourbon Cask Finish' (43%, OB, South Africa, single grain, +/-2020) Two stars
Entirely distilled from South African maize. These good folks are  also making rooibos gin, which is something I really need to try. No too sure they distil everything themselves, having said that. Colour: light gold. Nose: custard with a little nutmeg, overripe apples, a little hay, perhaps rooibos (once you have these things in your head…) and root vegetables. Notes of ginseng. Mouth: light, grainy, I'm reminded of Cameron Brig. Some chicory coffee, café latte, a little butterscotch… It's all pretty thin, but not unpleasant at all. Finish: shortish but with nice notes of coffee liqueur. Comments: fine grain whisky! Not much to add, except that it would beat quite a few young Scottish grains in my book.

SGP:530 - 75 points.

To the USA…

Uncle Nearest 1884 (46.5%, OB, USA, Tennessee whiskey, +/-2021)

Uncle Nearest '1884' (46.5%, OB, USA, Tennessee whiskey, +/-2021) Three stars
One of those 'premium' brands that come with foot-long stories that do sound a little 'Madison Avenue'. Sourced Dickel? It's said to be only four years old. Colour: gold. Nose: pears, pineapples, pink pepper liqueur, then sawdust, toasted oak and sponge cake. Pecan pie. A very pleasant nose, lighter and possibly subtler than other very young bourbons. Mouth: good, sweet, rather fresh, with touches of oranges and bananas, only tiny hints of coconut, then maple syrup and honey, pancake sauce, caramel, the tiniest drop of cologne (lavender, rye?) … Finish: medium, a little oakier than expected. White pepper and cinnamon in the aftertaste, as well as café latte and perhaps a drop of strawberry liqueur. Comments: a real fine drop.

SGP: - 82 points.







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