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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

October 24, 2022


Little duos, today crazy young OB vs crazy
old IB

Glen Moray really seem to be coming out of the woods these days. Today we'll have only two of them, but none exactly 'average'. Is this Whiskyfun or not?



Glen Moray 2016/2021 'Rye Cask Finish' (46.3%, OB, Curiosity Edition, 1637 bottles)

Glen Moray 2016/2021 'Rye Cask Finish' (46.3%, OB, Curiosity Edition, 1637 bottles) Three stars and a half
This baby was finished in some Kentucky rye whisky casks, which means that that was not obligatorily 100% rye (American rye must be distilled from 51 percent rye or more). Colour: white wine. Nose: the nose feels 'sweeter' than usual, less malty, more floral, and rather spicier and breadier, with then cups and cups of maple syrup and honey taking over after ten seconds. There sure is some vanilla, also allspice and cinnamon cake, also fresh sawdust, but balance has been maintained despite the very young age. Mouth: no feeling of Scottish bourbon, rather a honeyed sweetness, some apple liqueur, some fresh oak and related spices, and perhaps a drop of Southern Comfort. Yep. Oh and cinnamon rolls. Finish: medium, still sweet, never exactly oaky or too spicy. Comments: very good modern stylistic composition (given the age). Are our friends the Scots going to turbo-charge like this all their malt whiskies in the future? Time-to-market five years, my goodness!
SGP:651 - 83 points.

Probably the opposite now…

Glen Moray 32 yo 1989/2021 (52.8%, Berry Bros & Rudd for HNWS, barrel, cask #5217)

Glen Moray 32 yo 1989/2021 (52.8%, Berry Bros & Rudd for HNWS, barrel, cask #5217) Five stars
It's true that we've tried some splendid old official Glen Morays in the past, such as the 1960 or the flabbergasting 1974/2002 'Manager's Choice' (WF 94!) So, with confidence and élan… Colour: straw. Nose: very soft, all on barley, tangerines, Danishes, mirabelle jam, quince jelly, acacia honey, oak sugars, even a little candyfloss perhaps, fresh bark, fresh sliced button mushrooms, marzipan, amaretti… It is really becoming complex, in all softness. With water: virtually no changes. Perhaps a little more grist and porridge, bread and all that. Mouth (neat): really tight, on sweet herbs, acidic apples and grapefruits. Lazy casks do active whiskies, they say (not too sure about that saying, though). With water: some sweet barley goodness, dried apples and pears, apple pie, drops of amontillado (yep we've noticed it was a barrel) and a lot of nougat. Nougats of all kinds. Finish: medium, a tad more herbal, superbly malty and just never oaky. Some tea with a splash of milk, as our dear friends in England do. Comments: a model of barley-y complexity and elegance. It's true that this baby wasn't that old, after all.
SGP:551 - 90 points.

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